Forestry 50th Anniversary

  • Crosscut Skills 1960s
    (1960s) Students practicing crosscut saw skills. Pictured left to right: Charlie Scheier, Bob Wagenfehr, and Jerry Piles
  • Founding Dean with Students
    (1962) Founding Dean, Dr. Charles O. Minor (left)with student
  • Forestry Conclave
    (1969) Forestry Conclave. From right to left are Don Ranne (B.S.F. 1972), John Cothrun (B.S.F. 1972), Robert Parcell (B.S.F. 1973), Bill Cowan (B.S.F. 1971), John Wehrman (B.S.F. 1970), Dan Derrick (B.S.F. 1971) and an unidentified student
  • 1969 Summer Camp Class
    (1969) Summer Camp Class
  • 1970s Presentation
    (1970s) Students and faculty listen to a presentation in the old forestry building.
  • Barbara Moore
    (1973) Barbara Moore (B.S.F. 1974) in action at a Forestry Field Day
  • Crosscut Competition
    (1973) Professor Ernie Kurmes (far right) overseeing the crosscut saw competition at a Forestry Field Day. Identified students include Barbara Moore (left) and Jeff Losche (B.S.F. 1978, on log with oil can)
  • Julie Gorte
    (1974) Julie Gorte (B.S.F. 1976, now Dr. Julie Gorte) receiving the Kaibab Forest Industries scholarship from Jim Matson (B.S.F. 1965)
  • Homecoming 1974
    (1974) The Forestry Club at the Homecoming Parade
  • Dirk Kirkbride
    (1980s) Dirk Kirkbride, a research associate in the lab of Regents Professor Michael Wagner, at work on a research project on western spruce budworms.
  • Forestry Students Relaxing
    (1980s) Students relaxing around the campfire after a hard day's work!
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony 1991
    (1991) Senator Dennis DeConcini speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Southwest Forest Science Complex