Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Assessment

EMSA Services

 The Focus of the EMSA Assessment Office

The goal of the EMSA Assessment Office is to conduct and to build staff’s capacity to conduct quality assessment that yields data useful to enhancing the student experience and increasing student success. To that end, the EMSA Assessment office implements a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques to gather data, conduct analysis, and generate information to better understand and improve:

  • Student behavior, learning, development, opinions, and satisfaction
  • Institutional outcomes such as student retention and progress
  • Program and divisional effectiveness

Involvement in Assessment

The EMSA Assessment Office is designed to be a resource to conduct meaningful assessment within and across EMSA departments. The office operates collaboratively with program staff to identify and implement assessment activities related to their efforts as well as leads assessment teams to provide training and guidance to groups of EMSA professionals as they build their assessment capacity. Team members refine their knowledge of assessment technique/methods, engage in the application of assessment findings to improving our programs/services, and act as liaisons between offices to coordinate efforts and share effective practices.

Survey Team: Reviews survey content to eliminate redundancy and ensure quality; Coordinates survey administrations to reduce student survey fatigue and prevent competition for survey respondents across the division

Program Planning Team: Aligns program efforts with desired outcomes; Processes results with peers; Shares assessment techniques helpful to program management; Focuses primarily on program level assessment of cohort-based programs

Event Assessment Group: Focuses on evaluating the impact of event attendance on participating students; Provides a forum for sharing results of events; Reviews divisional assessment efforts to measure learning and development across events

Goals & Reporting Committee (a streamlined version of the former EMSA Strategic Planning committee): Identifies key performance indicators and assessment projects within departments; Reports results collectively in an annual EMSA report