Field Trips and Funding

First Year Seminar has funds available for FYS and SYS classes to go on field trips and other curriculum-related activities. If you are seeking funds for your projects in class, e.g. printing costs such as posters, etc., or your field trip, please complete the following paperwork at the beginning of each semester and forward to All requests must be approved before incurring any expenses.

Request funding:

Upon approval of funding request, the following forms need to be completed.

Required for all drivers:

FYS Drivers must be Graduate Assistants or Instructors.  Peer TAs are not allowed to be drivers.  NAU transportation has policies in place for drivers, upon signing the attached documents you are agreeing to the NAU Transportation policies. Cars for your field trip need to be booked prior to the start of the semester, or at the beginning of each semester at the latest. Please call NAU transportation (928-523-2469) or book online here - Vehicle Request.

Steps needed to be completed before a field trip:

  1. Complete the "Annual Travel Authorization."
  2. Complete the "Defensive Driving Module."
  3. Complete the "Authorized Driver Registration."
  4. When picking up a vehicle, NAU transportation will verify these items have been completed. You will not be allowed to pick up a vehicle if a driver has not done the module or the registration. 
  5. If you do not have an Arizona Driver's License, please complete the Non-Arizona DL Request Form and email to
  6. If you have non NAU students participants or non NAU employees attending your field trip, you need to contact the NAU Claim and Insurance Office (3-4557). These attendees need to complete some paperwork with the insurance office prior to the trip.
  7. If you have identified a Graduate Student who is eligible to drive a vehicle, they will need to complete the Honorarium/Stipend Request Form. Please gather all documents and provide them to Barbara Branton in Room 208 Bury Hall.

Transportation Link:

Vehicle Breakdowns and for on the Road Emergencies: 1-800-704-7274

All this is also summarized in our FYS Funding checklist.