The Lumberjack Mathematics Center

Northern Arizona University is a leader in helping students succeed by using technology for instruction and program delivery. The university is building on this tradition with the Lumberjack Mathematics Center, which uses proven technologies to aid first-year math instruction.

The main goals of the center are to:

  • provide resources and individualized instruction that will allow you to succeed
  • support your efforts to master a subject that is an important skill for many majors and careers

The center will include regular weekly attendance in the technology lab, ensuring that students spend sufficient time on tasks and receive assistance. This innovative approach to teaching math is expected to increase your ability to master concepts and retain information.

The Lumberjack Mathematics Center is located on the third floor of the beautiful Health and Learning Center.

Visit the Office of the President for more information.

Academic Peer Leadership program

Applications for Fall 2013 Academic Peer Leadership positions are now open! We’re hiring NAU 100 Peer Instructors, Academic Success Coaches, Peak Performance Math Coaches and Math Jacks. Our positions can be a meaningful professional development opportunity for students in all majors. We’ll provide you with valuable skills and experiences as you prepare for your future career.

Descriptions of each position and our online application are available on our YouLead website