Third Year To-Do List

Third Year: 60-89 Completed Units

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Step One: Transfer Credits
Check to see if your transfer credits have been processed and posted to your unofficial transcript.
Step Two: Academic Advising

Meet with your Academic advisor.


  • Create your course plan that includes the sequence of courses you need to complete in order to earn your degree.
  • Independently check your Academic Advisement Report to ensure your classes are being distributed towards the correct degree requirements.
  • Your Liberal Studies program and University Diversity requirements should be completed by your third year, unless it is fulfilled by your major coursework.


Step Three: Dates & Deadlines
Be aware of important University dates and deadlines. 
Step Four: Academic Services

Utilize academic services offered on campus



Step Five: Study Abroad
Your third year of college would be an excellent time to Study Abroad! Visit the Center for International Education to discuss different programs NAU offers.
Step Six: ScholarshipsStep Seven: Internships

Internships are a great way to gain experience, increase employability, and gain educational advantages. Check out the internships that each college has to offer:



Step Eight: Careers

Get started on your career journey!

Step Nine: Graduate School

Thinking about Graduate School? Meet with an advisor to help you take the necessary steps toward applying to Graduate School.


  • How can I pay for Graduate School?
  • Attend Graduate School Workshops or access the online archived presentations which include 1)Processes, Resources, and Tips for Success, 2) Writing a Winning Personal Statement, and 3) The GRE and TOEFL Tests.


Step Ten: Undergraduate Research
The Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium show cases creative ideas, discoveries, and research done by students from each college to their peers, professors, the university, and Flagstaff community.  Get involved and present your hard work at this symposium!
Step Eleven: Graduation Eligibility

Are you eligible for graduation?


  • You should have 90 units in progress by your sixth semester.  Check in with your advisor if you are unsure.