Second Year To-Do List

Second Year: 30-59 Completed Units

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Transfer Students

Transfer Students, click on the Transfer & Commuter Connections website to help make your transition to NAU a smooth one.

Complete 15 units per term (or talk with your advisor to discuss other options)

Step One: Transfer Credits
Send official transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to have them evaluated and posted to your LOUIE.  (Early Enrollment depends on the number of units completed!!)
Step Two: Academic Advisor

Find your Academic Advisor.  In your second year, you might be seeing your Gateway Advisor or a college advisor.  To find your assigned advisor check your LOUIE.

*If your advisor is listed as unassigned, click to visit our University Advising contacts page.

Step Three: Schedule an appointment

Schedule an Appointment.

  • Gateway

     When you receive your early enrollment advising email, click Early Enrollment Advising to schedule an appointment with your Gateway Advisor.

  • College

     Call or email your assigned advisor early in the semester to schedule an appointment.

Step Four: Appointment preparation

Prepare for your advising appointment.

  • Utilize the Academic Catalog to find information on major and minors
  • Review your academic requirements report on MyNAU or LOUIE.
  • Consider minors or certificates.
  • Prepare a list of questions for your advisor and plan to take notes.
  • Understand that advisors are here to assist you and offer feedback based on the information you provide.  Ultimately, you will make the final decisions based on what is discussed during your appointment.
  • Be mindful of each college’s (and Gateway’s) late policies. 
  • Lastly, be attentive and ready to interact with your advisor.  Use this time to find out about important resources, gain more knowledge about options available to you and actively participate in your educational experience.
Step Five: Holds

Clear holds on your account in order to enroll.

Step Six: Study Abroad
Consider Studying Abroad!   Browse the Center for International Education website for your options on the programs that are available to you.
Step Seven: Student Life

Get involved with all that NAU has to offer!

Step Eight: Academic Services

 Utilize academic services offered on campus.

Step Nine: Scholarships & Financial Aid

Ensure that your finances are taken care of for the following academic year.  Go to the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid website to search for scholarships that are offered.

  • Search and apply for departmental scholarships and grants within NAU
  • Complete FAFSA
Step Ten: Assess progression

Take steps toward the end goal: GRADUATION.

  • Meet with your advisor during your second semester
  • Create an individualized progression plan