Fourth Year To-Do List

Fourth Year: 90-120 Completed Units

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Step One: Degree Requirements Complete?

Meet with you Academic Advisor to see if you have met all of the degree requirements and will be graduating on your expected graduation term.


  • Check your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) to see if all credits have been distributed to their rightful place.
  • Your AAR should say "Satisfied" under each requirement tab and there should also be a "Senior Message".  If you see this message, you are that much closer to graduation and commencement!


Step Two: Confirm Undergraduate Career Plan
Confirm that your undergraduate career plan for your major and minor are correctly declared on your AAR.
Step Three: Academic Services

Utilize academic services offered on campus.

Step Four: Counseling Services
At this point in your undergraduate career, we understand that it may be a stressful time in life and we want to aid you in staying mentally and emotionally healthy to finish the year strong.  Please visit NAU's Counseling Services to assist you in enhancing your psychological growth, emotional well-being, and learning potential.
Step Five: Apply for Graduation
It is time to apply for Graduation! The application process is done through your LOUIE account. Check the deadline and when to apply for graduation. What is the difference between Graduation and Commencement?
Step Six: Purchase commencement regalia
Check your e-mail to see when Grad Fest will be happening! Grad Fest is held at the NAU Bookstore and is a convenient source for buying your cap and gown, tassel, cords, accouncements, etc.  Grad Images will also be there to take your portrait in commencement regalia.
Step Seven: Career Development
Make yourself marketable to employers by attending resume building workshops to edit and improve your resume and cover letter.  These workshops are available to you through your department or you can meet with NAU Career Development.
Step Eight: Career Fairs
Attend Career Fairs that are offered through your department of by NAU Career Development, in both the fall and spring semesters.  Make an excellent first impression with employers who come from all over the country- and even international employers, if you're lucky!
Step Nine: Loan Payment Plan
If you took out student loans to help finance your education, you will need to start working out payment plans with your loan companies before your first payment must be made- usually six months after leaving school.  Check out the Loan Consolidation & Repayment site to help you understand this process.  Don't wait, this process takes time!
Step Ten: Recheck AAR
Recheck your AAR to ensure everything is satisfied to post correctly after grades are finalized.  Confirm all transfer credits are scheduled to be delivered to Undergraduate Admissions (PO Box 4084 Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4084) after final grades post.
Step Eleven: Pass your classes
Earn top marks in your final term or at least pass your final classes!
Step Twelve: Graduation
CONGRATULATIONS! You've made it to Graduation! Make sure all holds have been removed from your account and all balances have been paid.  You don't want this to prevent your diploma from being mailed out.
Good luck with your future endeavors and life's adventures!