First Year To- Do List

First Year: 0-29 Completed Units

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Step One: Class Schedule
  • Finalize your schedule before the last day to add and last day to drop a class. (Mark these dates on your calendar, they are super important and can affect housing, scholarships, or your degree progress!)
    • See an advisor during Gateway Walk-In hours for help with this.  No appointment necessary.
Step Two: How will you learn?
  • Attend all your classes!
Step Three: MyNAU Portal
Step Four: Academic Advisor
Step Five: Student Life
  • Use ResourceConnect to find campus resources about academics, health wellness, or student life.
Step Six: Academic Services




Step Seven: Early Enrollment Advising
  • When you receive your early enrollment advising email, open it and 
  • Sign up for an Early Enrollment Advising to prepare for enrolling in next term’s classes.  This is required in order to remove your Academic Advising Hold, and you cannot enroll until that hold is cleared.
    • Review your Advising Report in LOUIE before going to your appointment. Learn How to Interpret your Academic Requirements
    • Hint: don’t confuse this with an Early Enrollment appointment…that is when you actually enroll for next term…more on that below!
Step Eight: Holds
  • Check and clear any holds in LOUIE before enrolling for next term.
Step Nine: Complete the Enrollment Process
Step Ten: Explore Majors
  • Undeclared? Get busy exploring your options!
Step Eleven: Careers
Step Twelve: Summer & Winter Classes