Vision, Mission, & Goals


Vision: To entice all undergraduate students in all disciplines at the university to be actively engaged in scholarly projects throughout their academic careers.  Northern Arizona University will become a nationally-acclaimed center for excellence in undergraduate research, inquiry, and creative work. 

Mission: To provide opportunities for students in all disciplines to enhance their education and become integrated into the NAU community by actively and successfully engaging in research, creative, and/or scholarly projects. 

These activities will result in graduates who

  • are able to use critical thinking skills and information analysis in their decision making processes
  • understand the nature of research, investigation, and original work
  • are prepared to utilize their disciplinary inquiry skills in their communities and workplaces
  • can successfully attend graduate and professional degree programs or establish careers in their disciplines

Strategic Goals:

  • Promote the inclusion of research, scholarly, creative, or inquiry projects as a required component of the curriculum in all Degree Programs.
  • Expand the scope and impacts of the Office for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities programs and activities to enhance all undergraduate students’ academic and professional success
  • Contribute to the development of students’ critical thinking, information literacy, creativity, quantitative reasoning, scientific reasoning, and effective communication skills throughout their academic careers
  • Increase the visibility of NAU as a leader in opportunities for all undergraduates to engage in inquiry, research, scholarly, and creative work
  • Expand NAU’s cultural understanding of the scope and impacts of undergraduate research and inquiry
  • Establish systemic procedures to track, celebrate, and assess the impact of undergraduate student participation in research, inquiry, and creative work
  • Create mechanisms to increase financial support for undergraduate research
  • Develop a community of accomplished teacher-scholars to provide high quality mentoring support for undergraduates to have successful research experiences