Premed Resources

The following resources will help with the application process and with mastery of your prerequisite courses. 

Recitation Courses
  • A recitation is an instructor led review of course materials in the form of a one unit pass/fail course. This can very often result in better exam/quiz for your graded courses as well as improve your mastery of the material. 
  • Attendance is critical to get a passing grade, but no additional homework or assignments are given in the recitation. In other words, if you show up, you pass the course. 
  • Recitation courses are designated by an "R" suffix (ie. BIO 181R, CHM 151R) and are usually offered for the following courses: BIO 181; CHM 151, 152, 235, 238; and PHY 111, 112, 161, 162. Enroll in these courses through LOUIE. 
  • Speak with your academic advisor or a premed advisor for more information. 
Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a free program where a student who previously took the course (SI leader), now sits in class with you and hears everything the instructor says.
  • During a student led session that is during a specific day/time, the SI leader will review the material and even hold test reviews closer to exam dates. 
  • The SI leaders often have access to old exams/quizzes/assignments from your professor as well as creates their own formula sheets or study guides.
  • Students who attend SI regularly earn fewer Ds and Fs than students who don't utilize SI, and --on average-- get a higher final course grade.
  • There is nothing to sign up for. All you need to do is show up!
Free Individual Tutoring
  • Looking for one on one tutoring? Visit the Student Learning Centers!
  • Call for an appointment at the North Student Learning Center (928) 523-5524 and South Student Learning Center (928) 523-7391.  
  • Certain subjects are only available at the North or South Centers.