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Most teachers know (and the research confirms) that performance-based feedback in the moment is a key to student success. GPS is a tool that enables you to give consistent formative feedback throughout the duration of the term/semester.

GPS is Northern Arizona University's Academic Feedback Tool (Early Alert System) - that converts your quick input and comments into:

  • a personalized message to the students
  • a notification in the student's MyNAU Portal
  • an official entry in the student's official LOUIE record

Note: unlike other early alert systems, there is no “middle-man” in GPS- your message goes directly to the student and the documentation of your message in the student LOUIE record creates a composite of student performance based on instructor feedback that improves advisor and administrative interventions.

GPS is a flexible, time-saving tool!

  • You determine the criteria and timing of its use (however, we recommend consistent use throughout the term/semester, and suggest you submit messages at the end of each week).
  • Literally do it in a few clicks if you choose.

Here's how it works

You can send a GPS email to a student once each week - this ensures students do not become desensitized to this form of messaging.
  1. Log into GPS (via your Faculty/Instructors tab in LOUIE) - preferably at the end of each week
  2. Enter comments for your students using the easy to use input form
  3. Click 'Send All Unsent Messages'
In addition to the personalized message, the email contains links to resources, actions to consider, and important dates/deadlines.
Ultimately, the GPS emails you send enables campus-wide support for your students because these data are used to form real-time academic composite views of students performance which advisors, administration, and supporting staff utilize in outreach/intervention efforts.