Faculty and staff

Karen Pugliesi
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean, University College
E-mail: Karen.Pugliesi@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-1580

Cyndi Banks
Associate Vice Provost & Associate Dean, University College
Email: Cyndi.Banks@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-6522

Monica Bai 
Interim Director, Gateway Student Success Center 
E-mail: Monica.Bai@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-6514

Lauren Berutich
Program Coordinator, First Year Seminar
CRAFTS/Campus & Community Based Action Research Teams
E-mail: Lauren.Berutich@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-5509

Betsy Buford
Coordinator, Academic Transition Programs
Room 17 – 22, du Bois Conference Center
Box 5801
E-mail: Betsy.Buford@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-2786 

Rebecca Campbell
Director, Academic Transition Programs
Room 17 – 22, du Bois Conference Center
Box 5801
E-mail: Rebecca.Campbell@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-2786

Ramona Doerry
Administrative Associate, University College
E-mail: Ramona.Doerry@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-8559

Lisa Dunk
Administrative Associate, Gateway Student Success Center
E-mail: Lisa.Dunk@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-9226

Todd Firth
Associate Director, Gateway Student Success Center 
E-mail: Todd.Firth@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-6760

Elizabeth Grimes
Coordinator, Academic Transition Programs
E-mail: Beth.Grimes@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-3527

Robin Long
Coordinator, CCC2NAU
E-mail: Robin.Long@coconino.edu
Phone: 928-226-4213

Eileen Mahoney 
Executive Director of Student Success Initiatives 
E-mail: Eileen.Mahoney@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-6958

Kelley McKee 
Coordinator, Student Success Coaching 
E-mail: Kelley.McKee@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-6226

Lela Montfort
Coordinator, Special Projects
E-mail: Lela.Montfort@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-6044

MaryLynn Quartaroli
Program Coordinator Sr., Undergraduate Research
E-mail: MaryLynn.Quartaroli@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-1026

Lindsey Riebe
Program Coordinator, Student Success Coaching
E-mail: Lindsey.Riebe@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-6444

Blase Scarnati
Director, First Year Seminar & Global Learning
E-mail: Blase.Scarnati@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-2876

Liane Sims
Program Coordinator, University College
E-mail: Liane.Sims@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-4283