University College benefits

While the University College is designed to provide maximum benefit to first-year students, there are also multiple benefits for faculty and parents.


The University College will help students:

  • earn a competitive professional advantage by providing relevant experiences earlier in their academic careers
  • learn and achieve more by immersing them in stimulating coursework designed by the university’s best professors
  • accomplish their goals by providing an environment where numerous academic resources are available
  • transition more easily by communicating expectations and the difference between high school and this university


The University College will allow faculty to:

  • design rigorous, effective first-year courses
  • play an ongoing and involved role in helping their students succeed
  • participate in  a university community that is doing revolutionary work
  • be part of a university that is focused on academic rigor and is on the leading edge of course design
  • help ensure that the university has the resources it needs to achieve our goals


The University College helps parents to feel:

  • confident about investing in their student’s education at Northern Arizona University
  • secure about their student’s potential life outcome
  • certain that Northern Arizona University genuinely cares about their student’s success