Student Travel Awards

The Office of the Provost - University College provides some funding for NAU students or groups to present, compete, or accept awards at regional, national, or international conferences.


  1. Travel for an individual student or student group to present their invited scholarly or creative work, to accept an award from a professional organization or academic institution, or to attend academic competitions at the regional, national, or international level.
  2. The applicant(s) are current undergraduate or graduate students in good academic standing at the time of application and at the time of travel.
  3. The applicant(s) MUST have already received written confirmation from the sponsoring organization of the applicant’s acceptance to make a presentation, receive an award, or compete. 
NOTE: Students may receive only one travel award per academic year (July 1 - June 30).


  • Awards are disbursed on a reimbursement basis (e.g., after the travel has occurred and acceptable receipts have been submitted).
  • Funds may only be used to cover the following costs:
    • Transportation to and from the conference (e.g., airfare, van rental, mileage)
    • Lodging (maximum: 2 nights)
    • Conference registration fees
    • Meals and faculty/chaperone expenses cannot be reimbursed by Student Travel Awards.

Application and Award Process

  • Prepare the Student Travel Award (STA) application packet, which includes the following:
    • Application form, with completed student section, and saved as a Word document.
    • PDF copy of proof of acceptance/invitation from the sponsoring organization
    • PDF copy of your current unofficial transcript confirming enrollment in the semester when travel will occur
    • Group application only: PDF document listing all student participants, their email addresses, and academic status (e.g., undergraduate or graduate)
  • Email all of the above documents as attachments to your faculty sponsor.  NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the faculty sponsor completes the next steps in the process.
  • Faculty sponsor reviews your Student Travel Award application documents and completes the Faculty Approval section of the application form.  Faculty sends completed STA application packet, including all supporting materials, to
  • Deadlines: Complete applications are reviewed on the 15th of each month, for travel after the 1st of the following month (ex: If your travel is in March, your application is due February 15).
  • After processing, an award letter will be sent to applicant via email with the award amount (with cc to faculty sponsor and department travel liaison).

Reimbursement (upon completion of travel)

  • Within 5 days, submit receipts for allowable expenses (e.g., airfare, mileage, conference registration fees, lodging bill with zero balance) to your department’s travel liaison

Photo or Poster? We’d love to highlight your experience by posting a copy of your poster or a photo of you presenting, competing, or receiving an award!  Please send us an email with your image(s) and comments to the address below.

Questions? Contact:
Sara Naprta, Graduate Assistant
Phone: 928-523-5569