Interns 2 Scholars (I2S) Student Application Upload

Only students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for an I2S internship:

  • Admitted as a degree-seeking student pursuing a first bachelor’s degree
  • Successfully completed at least 15 semester hours at NAU
  • NEW: Completed less than 75 credit hours at the commencement of an internship
  • Possess a US Social Security number

All communications or questions regarding the I2S internships, including the responsibilities, requirements, timeline, applications, and selection processes, should be directed to the Undergraduate Research Coordinator

Student Application Information

Attach the following documents as PDFs:

Check the box to indicate your agreement with each statement:

Must answer "Yes" to all three statements.

I meet all of the minimum requirements as specified for this I2S internship.

I have sufficient time in my schedule to devote the number of hours designated for the internship.

I understand that submission of an application does NOT guarantee an interview or internship.