Hooper Poster Presentations & Reception Special Event

By Invitation Only

The Office for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity celebrates this year’s Hooper Undergraduate Research Award recipients, with special guest, Dr. Henry O. Hooper, retired NAU associate provost for academic affairs and physics professor emeritus.

Thursday, April 28, 2016
Native American Cultural Center, Building 14, Gathering Room

2015-2016 Hooper Undergraduate Research Award (HURA) Recipients

  • Dylan Barbera: Event Related Potential Correlates of Self/Other Differences  (Mentor: Chad Woodruff)
  • Rebecca Beers: Paleo-environment Reconstruction and Origins of the Chalk Canyon Formation Ash  (Mentor: Nancy Riggs)
  • Shelby Burton: Student-Professor Rapport, Perceived Autonomy Support, and Course Outcomes  (Mentor: Meliksah Demir)
  • Rae Byars: A Geologic Inquiry of Upper Lake Mary's Rising Turbidity Levels, and the Effects on the Reservoir's Water Quality  (Mentor: Abe Springer)
  • Larrea Cottingham: The Effect of a Stand Replacing Fire on Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Inoculum Potential  (Mentor: Catherine Gehring)
  • Taran DePaola: Event-Related Desynchronization Correlates of Self-Other Differences  (Mentor: Chad Woodruff)
  • Daniel DePinte: Effects of Ponderosa Pine Biochar in Arizona's Agricultural Soil: Water Retention, Drought Resistance, and Crop Yields  (Mentor: Matthew Bowker)
  • Garrett Erickson: Flow Relations of the Hoxworth Springs  (Mentor: Abe Springer)
  • James Franklin & Ryan Hogan: Ectoparasitism and Vector-Borne Pathogens in Northern Arizona Predator-Prey Cycles: Epizootiological Risk to Reintroduced Black-footed Ferrets (Mustela nigripes)   (Mentor: Nathan Nieto)
  • Chelsey Gardner: Explicit Vocabulary Instruction Embedded in Narrative Intervention  (Mentor: Trina Spencer) 
  • Kaylynne Gray: Developing Positive Transgender Identity: A Qualitative Study of Identity  (Mentor: Andrew Walters)
  • Caroline Herrera: Objectively Assessing the Efficacy of Kinesio Tape to Reduce Swelling in Anterior Talofibular Sprains  (Mentor: Scot Raab)
  • Josiah Huggins: Academic Dishonesty as Moderated by Anonymity  (Mentor: Nora Dunbar)
  • Yordano Jimenez: When Is a C-start Not a C-start? Escape Behavior in the English Sole  (Mentor: Alice Gibb)
  • Hailey Kaus: Injury History Versus Current Fitness Baseline in Female Club Gymnasts  (Mentor: Scot Raab)
  • Eloisa Lewis: C.S. Peirce, Artificial Intelligence, and Systems of Representation  (Mentor: Jeffrey Downard)
  • Ben Luginbuhl & Brett Cutler: Investigation of Plant-Derived Carbon Aerogels for Use in Multifunctional EDLCs  (Mentor: Cindy Browder)
  • Brittany Meucci: A Comprehensive Study of Two Columnar Jointing Locations to Determine Differences in Rate of Cooling  (Mentor: Nancy Riggs)
  • Dylan Mills: A New Large Armored Fish from the Devonian (380 Ma) Martin Formation of Mount Elden  (Mentor: David Elliot)
  • Cedar Mitchell: Using Genetic Fingerprinting to Understand the Source and Dynamics of Human Plague Infections in Madagascar  (Mentor: David Wagner)
  • Jillian Mondrow & Ella Stephens: Arthropod Pollinators Influence the Pollination Nature of Angiosperms along the C. Hart Merriam  (Mentor: Neil Cobb)
  • Alden Netto: Seismic Analysis of the San Francisco Peaks  (Mentor: Ryan Porter)
  • Michael O'Reilly: Using Growth Releases to Identify Disturbance Events in Southwestern Dry Mixed-Conifer  (Mentor: Andrew Sánchez Meador)
  • Liliana Ortiz: Genetic Variability and Population Structure of Wedge-Tailed Shearwater  (Mentor: Russell Benford)
  • Inez Pabian: Manipulation of the L-Arginine Pathway by Toxoplasma gondii  (Mentor: Fernando Monroy)
  • Victoria Pocknell: Priming a Behavioral Freeze Response in Humans  (Mentor: Michael Alban)
  • Megan Saalfeld: Magmatic Processes Revealed by Crystal Texture of Mount Elden, Northern Arizona  (Mentor: Carrie Brugger-Schorr)
  • Tara Steadman: Using Electrolyte Leakage Measurements and Assess Cold Hardiness in Southwestern White Pines (Pinus Strobiformis)  (Mentor: Kristen Waring)
  • Justin Wilgus: Seismicity and Tectonics of the West Kaibab Fault Zone, Arizona  (Mentor: David Brumbaugh)
  • Amy Ziems: Effects of Estrogen on Resistance to Oxidative Stress  (Mentor: Tinna Traustadóttir)