Sustainability Series

The Sustainability 360 Series was created to highlight NAU’s sustainability research, experts and programs. With a focus on wildfires, Native American cultural sustainability, climate change / climate science and drought / water issues, the series emphasizes the University’s commitment to and expertise in environmental science and sustainability.

Blacklining operations during an Arizona wildfire. Credit: Erik Patel, CC BY-SA (Provided by Ecological Restoration Institute, NAU)


Each year, wildfire season is trending longer, larger and more extreme. NAU’s wildfire series is designed to provide education on critical issues related to wildfires through expert commentary from the University’s leading fire and forest ecology experts. 

Part I: When Wildfires Don't Make Headlines

The first part of the series explores how critical treatments and prevention methods helped contain fires in Arizona before they reached catastrophic levels.

Part II: The Economic Impact of Wildfires

The second part of the series highlights the cost of wildfire prevention methods and compares them to the suppression costs of historic fires, using the Wallow, Rodeo-Chediski and Shultz fires as prime examples.

Part III: Creating Resilient Forests

The third part of the series explores the proper adaptations that can help forests become more resilient in the face of disturbances such as climate change and wildfires.