State Law On Campus Disorder

Title 13, Chapter 29, Arizona Revised Statutes, Article 17, Section 13-2911, as passed by the Twenty-ninth Legislature, Second Regular Session, as signed by the Governor (1970): 

Interference with the peaceful conduct of educational institutions; classifications 

A. A person commits interference with the peaceful conduct of educational institutions by knowingly: 

1. Going upon or remaining upon the property of any educational institution in violation of any rule or regulation of such institution or for the purpose of interfering with the lawful use of such property by others or in such manner as to deny or interfere with the lawful use of such property by others; or 

2. Refusing to obey a lawful order given pursuant to subsection B of this section. 

B. When the chief administrative officer of an educational institution or an officer or employee so designated to maintain order has reasonable grounds to believe that any person or persons are committing any act which interferes with or disrupts the lawful use of such property by others at the educational institution or has reasonable grounds to believe any person has entered upon the property for the purpose of committing such an act, such officer or employee may order such person to leave the property of the educational institution. 

C. The appropriate governing board of every educational institution shall within ninety days after the effective date of this chapter adopt rules and regulations for the maintenance of public order upon all property under its jurisdiction which is used for educational purposes and shall provide a program for the enforcement of such rules and regulations. Such rules and regulations shall govern the conduct of students, faculty and other staff and all members of the public while on the property. Penalties for violations of such rules and regulations shall be clearly set forth and enforced. Penalties shall include provisions for the ejection of a violator from the property and, in the case of a student, faculty member or other staff violator, his suspension, expulsion or other appropriate disciplinary action. Adoption of all rules and regulations required by this section shall be governed by the provisions of title 41, chapter 6, and such rules shall be amended as necessary to ensure the maintenance of public order. This subsection shall not apply to private universities, colleges, high schools or common schools or other private educational institutions. 

D. No educational institution shall be eligible to receive any state aid or assistance unless rules and regulations are adopted in accordance with this section. 

E. No provision in this section shall prevent or limit the authority of the governing board of any educational institution to discharge any employee or expel, suspend or otherwise punish any student for violation of its rules or regulations, even though such violation is unlawful under this chapter or is otherwise an offense. 

F. The provisions of this section may be enforced by any peace officer in the state wherever and whenever a violation occurs. 

G. For the purposes of this section: 

1. "Educational institution" means, except as otherwise provided, any university, college, community college, high school or common school in this state. 
2. "Governing board" means the body, whether appointed or elected, which has responsibility for the maintenance and government of an educational institution. 
3. "Property" means all land, buildings and other facilities owned, operated or controlled by the governing board of an educational institution and devoted to educational purposes. 

H. Interference with the peaceful conduct of educational institutions is a class 1 misdemeanor.