Student Activities Council (STAC)

The Northern Arizona University STudent Activities Council (STAC) provides financial support for events that enhance and enrich students’ lives on the Mountain Campus. STAC has two areas of focus: large-scale entertainment events ($5,000 and over) and small scale events ($500-$4,999). Any department or registered student organization can seek funding through STAC. Student organizations seeking funding of less than $500 should go through the Associated Students of Northern Arizona University (ASNAU) Organization Allocation (OA) process.  The maximum allocation is $20,000.

Submit a 2015-2016 STAC proposal.

Please note the following requirements before submitting a proposal:

  • Funded events must be open to all students.
  • Funded events must take place on campus.
  • STAC cannot allocate funds to events that raise money for charitable organizations.

Additional information before submitting a proposal:

  • Proposals should be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the event.
  • The STAC Council Clerk will notify the Event Coordinator (person submitting proposal) to arrange a formal presentation during a regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • STAC meetings are scheduled weekly.
  • Unless additional information is requested, proposals will be voted on by STAC immediately following the presentation. Requests may be funded fully, partially, or denied. Once a decision is reached the presenter will be invited back into the room to hear the decision.
  • If awarded money by STAC, the Event Coordinator will have to schedule a meeting with one of the STAC Advisers within 2 business days to review event planning and STAC funding procedures.

All proposals are due on Tuesday by 5:00 pm for review at Thursday's meeting. If you have questions regarding your proposal please contact one of STAC’s advisers. Deborah Harris can be reached at 928-523-5181 or and Pete Yanka can be reached at 928-523-5181 or