Faculty Resources

The Student Learning Centers are here to support you and your students. There are a variety of ways the SLCs can partner with faculty to support student learning, such as:

Refer a student

The SLCs can reach out to a struggling students in your classroom.  We will connect them to the SLC Learning Specialist who will work with students to identify areas of concern, get connected to resources, and create a plan of action, including future meetings and tutoring and SI support.
If you would like to refer a student to the SLCs, please contact Evin Deschamps, Assistant Director, 928-523-7836, Evin.Deschamps@nau.edu. 

Request an in-class study skills workshop

The SLC Learning Specialist can work with you to create a study skills workshop that is specific to your course content and facilitated in-class at a relevant time in the semester.  Examples of successful in-class workshops have included:
  • Note-Taking & Reading Strategies for HIS100
  • Note-Taking & Exam Preparation for GLG112
  • Time Management, Note-Taking, & Exam Preparation for BIO181 & BIO182
If you are interested in requesting an in-class study skills workshop, please contact Kate Chandler-Ernst, Learning Specialist, 928-523-7469, Kate.Chandler-Ernst@nau.edu. 

Integrated Academic Support

The SLCs can work with faculty to offer customized course support such as weekly drop-in tutoring and exam reviews.  Successful models of Integrated Academic Support include:
  • PSY101 Exam Reviews
  • CIS220 Weekly drop-in tutoring 
  • MGMT301 Weekly drop-in tutoring
If you are interested in exploring Integrated Academic Support options for your course, please contact Evin Deschamps, Assistant Director, 928-523-7836, Evin.Deschamps@nau.edu. 

Course Linked Academic Support (CLAS)

Course Linked Academic Support (CLAS) is a partnership between the Student Learning Centers and University College. Click here for more information.