Women's and Gender Studies activities and events

Activities and Events

Here, you will find a wealth of opportunities to get involved - from attending conferences to participating in more informal types of fun. Be sure to see our Facebook page for our most recent events and photos.


Attending conferences is a great way to delve into the women's and gender studies field. See these calls for papers to see if there is one that fits your interests. 

University events

WGS scrapbook: See what we've done

Women’s white water rafting trip, Diamond Down – the lower Colorado

In October 2010, we had the trip of a lifetime. We navigated Class IV and V rapids, hiked to turquoise waterfalls and high desert mesas, did yoga on sandy beaches, took mud baths on the bank of the Colorado, and camped under velvet skies.

National Coming Out Day – Milk film screening

In 2009, for National Coming Out Day, we held many events such as an open mic and a free screening of Milk.


Choreographer and river guide Jayne Lee offered a free presentation of her work DANCEDOWNRIVER. Dance Down River is a Human Nature Dance Theatre project.

Gendering the wilderness: Poetry and dance on the Colorado River

In 2009, our students explored alternative forms of feminist environmental activism at Marble Canyon, AZ, with poet, Ann Walka, author of Walking the Unknown River and Other Travels in Escalante Country, and dancer Jayne Lee, co-creator of the film DanceDownRiver.

Women on the rapids, 2008

We had a wonderful time at our all female rafting trip on the Colorado River navigating Class IV and V rapids, hiking to turquoise waterfalls and high desert mesas, yoga on sandy beaches, mud baths on the bank of the Colorado, camping under velvet skies, and feminist explorations of the wilderness! The trip was part of the course, WGS 499-2/599, and was followed by two in-class sessions for one credit. Student stipends and payment options (including LOUIE accounts) were available. Call the WGS Office for more information at 928-523-3300.

San Juan River trip, 2008

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program held our first spring San Juan River trip. The trip was open to all students and we experienced wonderful views, beautiful campsites, and great side hikes/explorations.

Other events we've held

  • Women’s and Gender Studies panel: Predicaments and promises of centering WGS within the academic industrial complex
  • Iraq veterans against the war panel discussion
  • Byron Hurt, anti-sexist activist and filmmaker,
  • Free Trade and Community Resistance: Zapatista
  • Solidarity, the Other Campaign, and Alternative Economy
  • Film: Maquilapolis (city of factories)
  • Jackson Katz, leading anti-sexist male activist
  • The Guerrilla Girls, a group of anonymous girls who expose sexism and racism.