Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies

The graduate certificate will offer you credible, measurable expertise in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies, giving you the competitive edge you need to advance in your specialized career.

The graduate certificate may be for you if you are a:

  • master's student or master’s student considering a PhD level program
  • master's student who can receive credit in cross-education courses in sociology, psychology, history, political science, criminal justice, anthropology, archaeology
  • "non-degree" seeking student who would like to experience WGS graduate classes before deciding on a graduate program
  • secondary school teacher who would like training in this vital field
  • service professional who would like to acquire credentials in Women's and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies requirements

This program requires 15 credit hours. Courses can be completed in any order, although it is recommended that you take WST 600 as early as possible.

Because of the interdisciplinary, well-rounded nature of Women's and Gender Studies, no more than six credit hours (two courses) can be taken in a single discipline. Only one 400 level course can be used toward the completion of the certificate.

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How to apply

  • Complete the online Graduate College application, pay the application fee.
  • Call 928-523-3300 or e-mail us for additional information.



Be aware that some courses required for our graduate certificate may have prerequisites, courses which must be taken before another course. Check all course descriptions to find out.

Declare soon

Be sure to declare your Women's and Gender Studies graduate certificate before completing 3 hours of the requirements. We encourage you to consult with someone in our program every semester to ensure that your course of study is ideal for you.