Degrees and Programs

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Our degrees and programs will prepare you to become a lifelong change agent by:

  • challenging you to question social constructs and grow as an individual
  • sharpening your critical thinking skills
  • uncovering the ways in which the world works
  • offering you the tools you need to create deep, systematic change in the world

So what does Women’s and Gender Studies Program do?

This means we produce Interdisciplinary student scholars who are creative innovators that form their own fields to meet the needs of a changing society. By taking courses outside of our department, you will be informed of other schools of thought that can be applied or improved by women’s and gender studies’ methodologies.


What can I do with a WGS degree?

Many graduates of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program enter law or government, but there are other careers that need a focus on women’s and gender studies. 

Some of our graduates go into:

  • education
  • business
  • non-profit organizations
  • public relations
  • journalism
  • filmmaking
  • social work
  • public policy
  • community organizing

The more creative you can be in your career choice, the more insight you can provide for today’s diverse society. The options are limitless.