Academic Suspension

Students are placed on academic suspension when their term GPA drops below a 2.0 while on academic probation. Students who are academically suspended are subject to the following three restrictions:

  1. Cancellation of enrollment in the next term. 
  2. Cancellation of university housing in the next term
  3. Unable to enroll in any NAU courses. 

Returning to NAU 

In order to return to NAU, students must file a reinstatement appeal.  You may not return to the university for at least one full term (fall, spring, or summer) after the suspension.
Reinstatement after Academic Suspension is not automatic. An appeal must be approved before a student can return to NAU. 
The online Reinstatement Appeal can be found here and students must meet one of the four circumstances:
  1. Taking courses at another institution after suspension
  2. Extenuating circumstances
  3. Academic renewal
  4. Withdrawal from the term after the deadline
For more information regarding these circumstances please visit the Reinstatement Page.

Process for Reinstatement

  1. Review the appeal for the appropriate option
  2. Prepare all documentation for the appeal.
  3. Submit all documentation and appeal by the deadline.
  4. Once a decision has been made on your appeal, the appropriate department will get in contact with you to finish the process.
  5. If you appeal has been approved and you have not heard from an advisor from SBS yet, please send an email to us to set up an appointment to finish the reinstatement process.