Treatment and Services


We treat health-related conditions using assessment and diagnostic evaluations.  Once a health issue can be defined and explained, we can implement a treatment plan.

The Center provides two kinds of assessments:

  1. Psychological assessment is used to identify:
    • symptoms
    • stressors
    • problem behaviors affecting your health
  2. Psychophysiological assessments are more scientific and involve:
    • muscle tension tests (EMG)
    • brain wave activity observation (EEG/QEEG)
    • heart rate
    • skin temperature
    • skin adaptations (i.e. excessive sweating)
    • blood pressure tests 

After these assessments and evaluations, the Center team will determine the right treatment plan for you.  Your treatment can include:

  • biofeedback
  • neurofeedback
  • behavior modification
  • cognitive-behavior therapy
  • hypnosis

If you are interested in services, please contact the Health Psychology Center at 928-523-2161 or submit a treatment interest form.


The Center provides program evaluations and consultations for agencies and health care professionals with the goal of improving health care treatments and policies.  

There are many other services for your use in improving your own health and lifestyle.  For instance we can help with:

  • smoking cessation
  • weight control
  • stress management
  • disease prevention for high risk individuals