Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic

We are accepting new pediatric clients for treatment beginning in August, 2014. 

The clinic implements behavioral psychology and applied behavior analyses that focus on the interactions between a child and his or her:

  • biological predispositions
  • behavioral history
  • immediate environment

The Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic focuses on the following areas:

  • appropriate assessment methods based on best research practices, including applied behavior analysis
  • treatment and intervention linked directly to assessment results
  • promotion of adaptive and appropriate behavior
  • the reduction of maladaptive and inappropriate behavior
  • generalization and maintenance of behavior change across settings and care providers

The clinic offers services for children with disabilities and developing children exhibiting challenging behavior.  Graduate students also use the clinic for research and training.

The Behavioral Pediatric Clinic screening form is the first step for services. Once completed, the form can be submitted by mail or fax to the mailing address or fax number on the form. Call 523-2161 for additional information.