Master's Degree in General Psychology

Description and Mission Statement 

The fundamental principle underlying the graduate program in psychological sciences at NAU is that all inquiry in psychology is structured by the scientific method. This inquiry is accomplished by proposing and testing theoretical explanations about human behavioral, biological and mental processes. Scientific rigor is essential to evaluate, disseminate, create and apply evidence in psychology. Students in our program take courses that are best suited for their professional goals such as preparation for doctoral programs, employment in health-related fields (including behavior analysis), teaching psychology, or other areas of employment that require research, methodology, and statistical skills. Students may also be able to combine the MA in Psychology with other certificates or degree programs. We train students to be scientific professionals, to be ethically responsible, to be committed to serving others, and to respect human diversity.
The NAU Department of Psychology has many faculty members with teaching and research expertise in the following areas: behavioral health, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, learning psychology, neuroscience, and social psychology. Our masters' program provides applied opportunities in health and community psychology, as well as an international exchange program for students with the University of Groningen Netherlands (PSYCHStep). We also have a relationship with Coconino Community College that provides opportunities for second year students to gain teaching experience. We also offer advanced undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a masters’ degree (our 3 + 2 program).

Objectives of Program 

The objective of our graduate program is to provide coursework and applied opportunities that meet the educational goals of the individual student. The MA degree can be obtained with both thesis and non-thesis options. Regardless of a student’s primary educational goals, our graduate program is designed to strengthen quantitative skills provide students with research experience that will increase one’s competitiveness when applying to Ph.D. programs in psychology and/or for positions where these skills are required.