Professional Growth (certificate of contact hours)

All SELECT courses are Graduate Level and are completed in a shortened amount of time, 5 or 8 weeks. Professional Growth students can earn up to 45 contact hours per course depending on the letter grade achieved.  (A=45, B=30, C=15, D/F=0)

If you wish to enroll for Professional Growth, please click on the link below and complete the registration form. Please also download, complete and return via email, the Affiliation Authorization form for our new academic year starting June 1, 2016.


SUMMER 2016 Registration Form

SUMMER 2016 At-A-Glance

Summer 2016 Course Descriptions

Affiliation Authorization Form and Information  (This form is not due until 2 weeks prior to the start of class, but we advise that you return the completed form ASAP to avoid the class filling up before the deadline.)

ALL Enrollment Documents are due via email or FAX no later than 2 weeks prior to the first day of class no later than midnight. 

(The Affiliation Authorization form is Required once per year.  This form is valid from June 1st through May 31 of each year.)                                       

IMPORTANT: If you do not get a confirmation email within 1 business day of submitting the online registration form, contact Nicole Chase, Administrative Assistant, at 928-523-9250 or 

To be added to SELECT's listserv, email us at today. 


SELECT classes taken under the Professional Growth Status are free to public and charter school employees, paraeducators and parents.

Please note that students taking classes for Professional Growth will NOT have access to an official transcript. If you need an official transcript, please refer to the NAU Credit enrollment section on the SELECT main page.


You may be expected to purchase a textbook or two for a SELECT class. Your course syllabus (which you should receive prior to the first class session) will list information about the textbook and purchasing information. If you have not received your course syllabus after enrolling, please contact SELECT to ask for a syllabus. The cost of textbooks is the only cost to you.

Enrollment Deadline

All enrollment forms for Professional Growth MUST be received TWO WEEKS prior to the first day of class. However, we recommend that you return the completed Affiliation Authorization form as soon as possible to avoid the class filling up before the deadline.

Certificate of Completion

Professional Growth students will receive a Certificate of Completion listing the number of contact hours earned in the course as soon as the instructor has completed the grading process. Please note, you will NOT have access to an official transcript when taking courses for Professional Growth. Contact hours will be awarded based on the grade received in the course: A=45 contact hours, B=30 contact hours, C=15 contact hours, D/F= 0 contact hours. 

Note: Contact hours are NOT transferable to academic credit. For academic credit, you must enroll as an NAU tuition paying student prior to participating in any class.

To request a hard copy of your certificate, please email


Self-Paced Modules ........ NEVER full, NEVER cancelled, NO textbooks required, ALWAYS free, Earn 15 Contact Hours

Each module is worth 15 contact hours. Upon completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion stating 15 contact hours, which can be used towards re-certification with the Arizona Department of Education. (If out-of-state, check with your state's Department of Education for re-certification requirements)

There are no required textbooks, though there may be suggested reading, which is strictly voluntary. Each module is completely self contained with all needed materials. 

No assignments, No group projects, No discussion boards, No instructor facilitation. No set timeline, except for the 30 day completion period

Modules are for Professional Growth ONLY, they cannot be taken for academic credit or an official transcript. 

Each module MUST be completed within 30 days from enrollment date to receive 15 contact hours. There will be 0 hours awarded for partial completion. Modules can be taken as many times as necessary to complete. Students may take as many modules as they wish. 

Passing grade is 80% or better on the final exam of each module.