Assistive Technology Certificate

Interdisciplinary Certificate Program in Assistive Technology

This 15-credit-hour certificate is designed to give you in-depth skills and practical competencies in the delivery of assistive technology services.


  • bachelor’s degree
  • experience working with individuals with disabilities
  • computer with high speed internet or transportation to a Northern Arizona University campus
  • ability to attend hands-on seminars at the Flagstaff campus one weekend during two different semesters. Alternative projects for students outside of Arizona must be approved by the program director.

Apply now

This program begins in the fall semester. Complete your program application before July 1st to be admitted.

*If you are not currently taking courses on the Northern Arizona University campus, you must enroll as a distance learning student.


Your course work for this program breaks down into three basic components:

  • basic skills (6 credit hours)
  • specialization (7 credit hours)
  • application (2 credit hours)
Basic skills

This block of coursework will give you an overview of assistive technology and provide more detailed information about funding, assessment, and other practices in assistive technology service and delivery.

You take:

DIS 505—Disabilities and technology in the lifespan (3 credit hours) 

DIS 521 Assessment and effective practices in assistive technology (3 credit hours) 


This block of coursework will help you gain specialized knowledge about selected areas of assistive technology. You will take six credits of courses that help you develop operational (how it works) and strategic (when it can be used) knowledge about assistive technology.

Additionally, you will take one credit of practicum that involves focused, mentored observations of individuals using assistive technology as well as analysis of the factors that influence its usability.

You choose from:

DIS 526—Applications of assistive technology for school aged individuals: Low incidence severe disabilities(3 credit hours) 

DIS 527—Applications of assistive technology for adults (3 credit hours) 

And you choose from:

DIS 523—Assistive technology application: Positioning and mobility (3 credit hours) 

DIS 524 Assistive technology application: literacy (3 credit hours) 

DIS 525—Assistive technology application: Communication impairment (3 credit hours) 

DIS 528—Assistive technology application: Sensory impairment (3 credit hours) 

And you take:

DIS 608—Fieldwork experience (1 credit hour) 


You will design an application project which involves:

  • implementing assistive technology devices and services with a person with a disability
  • evaluating the effectiveness of the assistive technology implementation

You take:

DIS 689—Directed study (2 credit hours) 


If you have any questions about the program or your application, contact:

Janis Doneski-Nicol, MS, CCC-SLP
Phone: 928-523-5878
Fax: 928-523-4953
TDD: 928-523-1695 


Institute for Human Development
Arizona University Center on disabilities
Northern Arizona University
PO Box 5630
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5630 

Phone: 928-523-5878
Fax: 928-523-4953
TTY: 928-523-1695