Simon Sinaga, PhD

Simon Sinaga Assistant Professor
Northern Arizona University
Strategic Communication
Blg COM 16 Rm #319
Phone: 928-523-0125

Research & Teaching Interests

Simon Sinaga's research interests include public relations practice and theory development, corporate environmental advertising, and climate change framing. As a faculty member, he encourages his students to be constantly attentive to the dynamic and fast-changing landscape of the mass media industry. His industry experience includes working as a news reporter for national newspapers and international news agencies - Kyodo, Reuters, and the Associated Press - in Jakarta, Indonesia and covering the country's media/advertising industry for local and international media/advertising magazines. He has worked in the corporate communication division of PT. Freeport Indonesia and Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold.

Courses Offered

  • ADV 207 Intro to Advertising
  • PR 371 PR Case Studies & Research
  • PR 272 Intro to PR

Research & Publications

Sinaga S, & Callison, C. (2008). Credibility of PR practitioners: The impact of professional journalism background on trustworthiness, expertness, and homophily evaluations. Public Relations Review, 34, 291-293.

Sinaga, S, & Wu, H. D. (2007). Predicting Indonesian journalists' use of public relations-generated news material. Journal of Public Relations Research, 19, 69-90.

Sinaga, S. (2008). Extending institutional theory to public relations analysis. Paper presented to the annual AEJMC conference, Chicago, IL.

Sinaga, S., & Kinsky, E. (2007). When corporate public relations hits the limit of collaboration in high conflict: What the public thinks. Paper presented to the annual AEJMC conference, Washington, DC.

Sinaga, S., & Wu, H. D. (2006). Predicting Indonesian journalists’ use of public relations new materials. Paper presented to the annual ICA conference, Dresden, Germany.


B.A., International Politics, University of Indonesia
Master of Mass Communication, Louisiana State University (LSU).
Ph.D., Mass Communications, Texas Tech University