Dayle C. Hardy-Short, PhD

Dayle C. Hardy-Short Professor and Director of Forensics
Northern Arizona University
Communication Studies
Blg COM 16 Rm #351
Phone: 928-523-2311


  • Environmental Rhetoric
  • Political Communication
  • Gender Studies

Research and teaching interests

My primary research currently focuses on two areas: wildfires, especially the wildland-urban interface, and the wolf reintroduction debate. Specifically, my co-author and I focus on public responses to wildfire in the American West, including ways in which public policy arguments about wildfire management are shaped; we are especially interested in the Yellowstone fires of 1988, the Bitterroot fires of 2000, and the Arizona fires of 2002. We also focus on the public debates surrounding reintroduction of wolves into the American West wilderness areas, especially the greater Yellowstone, and Glacier ecosystems and the Arizona-New Mexico border areas. I am also working on narrower research projects that focus on President Bush's response to the Katrina disaster and anti-war rhetoric parallels between the Vietnam war and Iraq war eras.

Courses offered

COM 101 Communication Analysis
COM 200 Communication Theory
CST 111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
CST 201 Introduction to Research in Speech
CST 217 Argumentation and Debate
CST 300W Rhetorical Criticism
CST 311 Advanced Presentation Techniques
CST 321 Nonverbal Communication
CST 365 Communication in Contemporary Affairs
CST 424 Gender and Communication
CST 498C Senior Seminar
CST 503 Classroom Communication
CST 524 Gender and Communication
COM 698 Seminar in Communication Theory

Representative research and creative activity

Dayle C. Hardy-Short and C. Brant Short. “Fire, Death, and Rebirth: A Metaphoric Analysis of the 1988 Yellowstone Fire Debate.” Western Journal of Communication, vol. 59 (Spring 1995): 103-125.

Brant Short and Dayle C. Hardy-Short. “’Physicians of the Forest’: A Rhetorical Critique of the Bush Healthy Forest Initiative.” Electronic Green Journal, issue 19, ISSN: 1076-7975. December 2003, 14 pp.

Dayle C. Hardy-Short. “The Rhetoric of Victimage: Women’s Movement Leaders Respond to the Defeat of the ERA.” Communication and Sex-Role Socialization, ed. Cynthia Berryman-Fink, Deborah Ballard-Reisch, and Lisa H. Newman. New York: Garland, 1993. Pp. 209-231.


PhD, Speech Communication, Indiana University, 1988
MA, Speech Communication, University of New Mexico, 1980
BA, Interpersonal Communication, University of Montana, 1976