Becoming an agent of change 

As a student in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, you will:

  • study a diverse range of specializations
  • learn how you can best help to impart social justice in the community
  • collaborate with faculty members on research
  • be part of innovative projects which will impact the constantly evolving and progressing fields of criminology and criminal justice
  • prepare to enter the job market and join other agents of change who are making a difference

“One of the 25 cutting edge schools tied to several of the 50 hottest career choices’’ -Kaplan Publishing’s College Guide Book

Department news and updates

On Friday, May 2nd, 2014, Arizona Innocence Project (AIP) Staff Attorney, Ms. Angelee Van Hon, received a $4,000.00 check from Dorrance Family Foundation Scholar, CCJ Major, and AIP Investigator, Ms. Eugenia Fowlkes. Each year, a group of nearly thirty Dorrance Scholars from NAU meet to decide which non-profit organizations should be awarded funds, and how much funding they should receive. Ms. Fowlkes is a Dorrance Foundation Scholar whom, along with Joshua Lynch and James Hensley, also members of the Dorrance Scholarship Program, helped to procure funding for the AIP to assist with forensic science expert case analysis and testimony. Funding for the Dorrance Scholars Program comes from the Dorrance Family Foundation, which funds Scholars at each of Arizona’s three universities to acquaint them with the procedures and general work of grant making, while providing local non-profit organizations with financial support.  

The AIP is humbled and grateful to have been selected as one of the Dorrance Scholarship Program’s 2014 grant recipients, and especially proud of our CCJ student, and AIP investigator, Ms. Eugenia Fowlkes.


Congratulations Dr. Alex Alvarez, recipient of the Presidents' Distinguished Teaching Fellow Award!

Congratulations Dr. Christine Arazan, named as Educator of Influence by Golden Axe recipient Amber Diagostine!

Congratulations Dr. Rebecca Maniglia, named as Educator of Influence by Neil Covington and for Samantha Cross!