The CCJ Undergraduate degree

Criminology and Criminal Justice Undergraduate Courses

The catalogue of CCJ courses contains more than 95 classes that address a wide range of academic and personal interests. To learn more about these courses, their requirements and fees, go to the NAU Academic Catalog.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice 

We designed this degree to provide you with the knowledge and analytical skills appropriate for a variety of career paths. These include working in an area of the public justice system, such as police, courts, corrections, regulatory agencies, and environmental protection, or in community-based programs related to crime prevention, rehabilitation, and victim assistance, as well as pursuing further education in graduate or law school.f you are interested in pursuing a career in one of the major areas of the Criminal Justice System—the courts, corrections, juvenile justice, or law enforcement—or if you want to further your education in law school or graduate school, the BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice will provide you with the knowledge and analytical skills to succeed. In this program you will learn about the nature of crime and the purpose, operations, and consequences of the various components of the justice system, in both the United States and abroad.

An online option provides students who are unable to attend classes on the Mountain Campus the opportunity to earn their BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice by taking select classes online. Enrollment in this option is limited by capacity. To learn more about the online option, contact the CCJ BS Online Program Coordinator

Minor in Criminal Justice

This minor allows students to choose approved electives that parallel their interests in such areas as politics, global security, race, gender, violent crime, white collar crime, and as portrayed in the media. The plan also provides opportunities to consider the meaning of justice in varied situations. 

Minor in Law, Rights and Justice

This minor meets needs of students interested in attending law school, or any student who wants to learn more about legal doctrine, legal institutions, legal careers, and the practice of law. This minor is multi-disciplinary and integrates knowledge from such fields of study as Criminology and Criminal Justice, Politics and International Affairs, Communication, English, Philosophy, Applied Indigenous Studies, and Disability Studies.