Staggered Check-In Information

Staggered Check-in Information

To best manage traffic flow and a smooth check-in experience on Opening Day, we have established a staggered check-in schedule for the Freshman Connections residence halls. Please note your check-in time below and plan your arrival accordingly. Please remember that you will need your JacksCard student ID to check into your residence hall. 

Allen, Cowden, Tinsley and Wilson Halls
9am-11am          3rd floor residents
11am-1pm          2nd floor residents
1pm-3pm            1st floor resident

Calderón Hall
9am-11am          3th floor residents
11am-1pm         2nd floor residents
1pm-3pm           1st floor residents

Campbell, Morton and Taylor Halls
9am-11am          2nd floor residents
11am-1pm          1st floor residents
1pm-3pm            basement resident

Gabaldon Hall
Gabaldon residents will receive instructions to their NAU email regarding check in processes.

McConnell Hall 
9am-11am          4th floor residents
11am-1pm          3rd floor residents
1pm-3pm            1st and 2nd floor residents

Reilly Hall
9am-11am          6th and 7th  floor residents
11am-1pm          4th and 5th  floor residents
1pm-3pm            1st – 3rd floor residents
Sechrist Hall
9am-11am          6th, 7th, and 8th floor residents
11am-1pm          3rd, 4th, and 5th floor residents
1pm-3pm            1st and 2nd floor residents