Staggered Check-In Information

Staggered Check-in Information

To best manage traffic flow and a smooth check-in experience on Opening Day, we have established a staggered check-in schedule for the Freshman Connections residence halls. Please note your check-in time below and plan your arrival accordingly. Please remember that you will need your JacksCard student ID to check into your residence hall. View the schedule, location and hours for obtaining your JacksCard prior to checking into your residence hall.

McConnell Hall 
9am-11am          4th floor residents
11am-1pm          3rd floor residents
1pm-3pm            1st and 2nd floor residents
Sechrist Hall
9am-11am          6th, 7th, and 8th floor residents
11am-1pm          3rd, 4th, and 5th floor residents
1pm-3pm            1st and 2nd floor residents

Reilly Hall
9am-11am          6th and 7th  floor residents
11am-1pm          4th and 5th  floor residents
1pm-3pm            1st – 3rd floor residents 

Gabaldon Hall
9am-11am          B1, C1, A2, B2, C2 (1st & 2nd floors)
11am-1pm          A3, B3, C3 (3rd floor)
1pm-3pm            A4, C4, A5 (4th & 5th floors)

Allen, Cowden, Tinsley and Wilson Halls
9am-11am          3rd floor residents
11am-1pm          2nd floor residents
1pm-3pm            1st floor residents

Campbell, Morton and Taylor Halls
9am-11am          2nd floor residents
11am-1pm          1st floor residents
1pm-3pm            basement residents