Meet the 2015-2016 Residential Eco-Rep

2015 Eco Rep Group Shot

The role of the Eco-Rep is to provide peer to peer education on how to live more sustainably in NAU residential communities. Eco-Reps serve as a resource and role model to promote environmentally conscious behavior within their residential community/area. 

If you are interested in applying to be part of the 2016-17 Eco-Rep team, please go here.

Jessica Garcia 

“I became an Eco-Rep because I am passionate about environmental conservation, and I think that more people would be green if they only knew how, so I am here to help that process.”  (Jessica Garcia, former Calderón Learning Community Eco-Rep)  


Senior Eco-Rep

2014-2015 Emma Collins Eco Rep

Emma Collins

Emma's Bio

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Major: Political Science and Environmental Studies with a minor in Spanish

Interesting fact: I have done color guard for 7 years.

Favorite sustainable living tip: You can use a power strip to cut power to electronics without having to unplug them all the time.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a member of the community that shares their knowledge about sustainable living with others in the community.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I think living a sustainable life is enriching and wanted to share the tips I know with other residents in Campus Heights.  

Allen Hall

 2015 Sidney B

Sidney Bussler

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Major: Environmental Studies

Interesting Fact: My two favorite things are my dog, Welsey and my mom's banana bread.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Flagstaff water is great, so ditch the plastic water bottles and get a reusable one.

What is an Eco-Rep? Someone who promotes sustainability in residence halls.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to get involved in residence life and because I love our planet.

Campbell & Morton

2015 Maria Eco Rep 

Maria Granroth

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

Major: Biology

Interesting Fact: I’ve fostered cats and kittens, and have a weak spot for all animals.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Instead of throwing out clothes that you don’t like, have holes, are too small/big/boring, make them over yourself or donate them! (All else fails, recycle the fabric!)

What is an Eco-Rep?: An Eco-Rep is someone who advocates for sustainability and the environment through peer education.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I grew up with a mother who constantly reinforces sustainable habits, I love to learn new ways to be sustainable myself, and I adore conversations about ideas, problems, and tips with my friends.

Calderón Learning Community

2015  Sierra Eco Rep

Sierra Bruggink

Hometown: Liberty, UT

Major: Journalism with an Emphasis in Photojournalism and Documentary Studies. Minoring in Environmental Communication. 

Interesting Fact: I know Steve Harvey…and I really like tea. 

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Energy saved from recycling one aluminum can could operate a computer or TV for three hours and a six-pack saves enough energy to drive a typical car five miles. 

What is an Eco-Rep? A resource to come to whenever you need a question about sustainability (as specific or as general as you want to be.) An information outlet letting you know fun and easy ways you hadn’t thought of before to be environmentally sustainable. A friend who is willing to discuss the environment anytime over a good cup of tea. 

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I grew up in the outdoors and fell in love with the earth. I want to share my passion for creating an environmentally sustainable future with everyone.

Campus Heights

Kenzie Cutrone



Interesting fact:

Favorite sustainable living tip: 

What is an Eco-Rep? 

Why I became an Eco-Rep: 

Cowden Learning Community

2016 Paula Murillo - eco rep

Paula Murillo

Hometown: Montrose, CA

Major: Environmental Sciences

Interesting Fact: I am a blood donor.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Using power adapters to minimize the amount of electricity being used for charging. Using a power is also easy because you only have to turn off one switch to control many appliances. 

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco- Rep is someone who promotes sustainable living in the dorms and informs residents about ways that they can live a more environmentally friendly life. They are also someone they can come to with questions regarding being more sustainable and for information about becoming a no impact jack. We also host monthly events centered around a theme where residents can come, learn and have fun at the same time.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I took Environmental sciences in high school and it made me realize how important caring for the environment is. As an Eco-Rep I can inform my residents on how to lower their carbon footprint in easy and fun ways. In addition, as an Eco-Rep I can reach out to a large amount of people which is great and can create even more change.

Gabaldon Hall

2015 Jordan Eco Rep 

Jordan Miller

Hometown: Austin, TX  

Major: Secondary Education: History and Social Studies with a minor in Asian Studies. 

Interesting Fact: I am a member of NAU's new club-the Feral Cat Alliance. 

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: challenge yourself every day to reduce your ecological footprint in some way.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a peer mentor stationed at a residence hall who raises awareness about sustainability issues and encourages sustainable conscientious behavior that will help reduce the "ecological footprint". 

Why I became an Eco-Rep? I became an Eco-Rep to learn how I could help reduce NAU's ecological footprint and spread this knowledge to my fellow students.


2015 Kyra Eco Rep 

Kyra M Johnson

Hometown: Glendale, AZ 

Major: Marketing

Interesting Fact: I have spent the last two summers as a camp counselor!

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Print double-sided! It won’t change the amount of ink usage but will cut back on your paper consumption. 

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is an individual who serves as a resource to help encourage fellow residences to live more sustainably. 

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I enjoy working with a team to tackle issues that society faces and find new ways to correct them. Becoming an Eco-Rep allows me to positively impact the NAU campus as well as the Flagstaff community; assisting both to work towards a more sustainable future.

McConnell Hall

2015 Kristen Eco Rep

Kristen Morale

Hometown: Pittsford, VT

Major: Business

Interesting Fact: I love acting and being on stage.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Eat locally! It forces you to get creative with your cooking/meals, it’s fun and you’re (usually) supporting small businesses.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is someone who promotes sustainability in the residence halls. They are also a resource for students to come to for information and with questions about sustainability.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became and Eco-Rep because I think it is important for students to know how easy it can be to live more sustainably.

McDonald Hall

2015 Rachel Eco Rep


Rachel Shaugher 

Hometown: Peoria, AZ

Major: Biology

Interesting fact: I am a huge musical fan.

Favorite sustainable living tip: Wash larger loads of laundry and use cold water!

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is someone to teach others living in the residence halls how to live a more sustainable life.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: It sounded like a great way to get more involved on campus while also doing my part to help the environment.


McKay Village

2014 Amy Beghtol Eco Rep

Amy Beghtol

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA

Major: Marketing

Interesting fact: I have a twin sister. 

Favorite sustainable living tip: Buy a reusable water bottle! You won’t regret it! .

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is someone who gets the word out to the halls about being more eco-friendly by get students involved.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to get more involved here on campus while making a difference in the environment.

Mountain View

2015 Sam Dionne

Sam Dionne

Hometown: Bristol, CT 

Major: Criminal Justice

Interesting Fact: I have 4 brothers and sisters.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Something as small as turning off the lights when you leave a room can help to make a big difference.

What is an Eco-Rep? I am someone who lives in your hall and helps to ensure that we are being as sustainable as possible during the year.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I feel that the amount of people who live in Mountain View and walk through here can help to make a big difference in being extremely sustainable and I want to learn how to make it more so.

Pine Ridge Village

2015 James Eco Rep


James Yurkovich

Hometown: Peoria, AZ

Major: Environmental Sustainability

Interesting fact: I currently live in a small mining town named Morenci, Arizona.

Favorite sustainable living tip: Always re-think the waste you generate.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is someone who spreads awareness and educates people on sustainable living and practices in everyday life.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I wanted to have the opportunity to work with people to help spread environmental awareness and practices around NAU.



2015 Lexi Eco Rep 

Lexi Cohensitt

Hometown: Peoria, AZ

Major: Public health 

Interesting Fact: I am a player and the manager of the NAU Quidditch team, the sport based on the books and movies from Harry Potter. 

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: I always turn off the lights and fans when I leave my room! Not only does it conserves energy but it also is a great way to let your roommates know if anyone is home or not!

What is an Eco-Rep? As an Eco-Rep I am always here as a friend and mentor to help our community change the future and help benefit our environment.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I want to help Raymond hall be the best it can be. I want to teach people about all the little changes we can make in our daily life that would benefit the environment and our community.

Reilly Hall

2015 Sydney Eco Rep 

Sydney Shaw

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Major: Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Global Sustainability

Interesting Fact: I love tie dye, I pretty much tie dye everything

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Use reusable cool water bottles, put stickers on them make them your own little canvas while you help reduce the use of plastic water bottles!

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a leader in their hall to help inform students about topic of sustainability and be a go to person for any questions student might have about the environment and what they are doing in their everyday lives that can be made sustainable to our society.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I love the environment and I love seeing people take what my values are for sustainability and put them into their everyday routine.


Ember Mundt Eco Rep - 2013

Ember Mundt

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Anthropology

Interesting fact: I enjoy doing cartwheels after dinner.

Favorite sustainable living tip: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a person that informs and inspires other residents to adopt sustainable living habits.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to help myself and others make a difference in our community and in turn make an impact in the earth. 


2015 Stella Carr

Stella Carr

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Environmental Studies

Interesting fact: I am on the bad jacks dance team.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Always turn off water when you aren't using it!

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco rep is your helpful guide to living a more sustainable life in college. I can supply you with information to help learn new sustainable practices, and guidance for making changes to your every day life.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I wanted to start using the information I gain in class to work in a real life setting.

South Village

2014-2015 Anna Almodovar Eco Rep 

Anna Almodovar

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Major: Anthropology

Interesting fact: I have a vein on my arm that is shaped like Africa.

Favorite sustainable living tip: Never let the water run! Turn it off when not in use.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep lets people know different ways to live a sustainable life.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to let people know different ways they can help the environment in fun ways!


2015 Ryan Eco Rep

Ryan Badertscher

Hometown: Amado, AZ

Major: Undeclared

Interesting Fact: I have worked for the National Park Service in the MMA and Archery clubs.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Contemplate your life somewhere other than the shower, and use less water.

What is an Eco-Rep? Eco- Reps are assigned to each student housing complex here at NAU. We are a resource for the community we work in, by educating them about and helping them live sustainably.


2015-2016 Sarah Lydford Eco Rep

Sarah Lydford

Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Major: Political Science

Interesting Fact: I have never had a cavity before.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Unplug your devices when you’re not using them to avoid the use of phantom energy!

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is there as a resource for students to answer questions that they may have and provide tips on sustainable living. Also, an Eco-Rep serves as an advocate for the environment and promotes sustainable thinking among their peers.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because building awareness of an individual’s environmental impact and the effect that it can have is critical. I believe that more people would live sustainably if they had more access to knowledge and resources regarding the environment.

Wilson Hall

2015 Becky Eco Rep

Becky Sotomayor

Hometown: Wiley, CO

Major: Chemistry

Interesting Fact: I am partially deaf in my left ear.

Favorite Sustainability Tip: If you don’t wash your hair every day, you can shorten your shower and save a lot of water.

What is an Eco-Rep? A peer representative that helps educate other peers on sustainability

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to help educate others and myself on the environment. I always want to know more on how I can be more sustainable.

If you see an opening listed for your hall and want to become involved, please go here to learn more about the Eco-Rep position and how to apply.