Meet your Residential Eco-Rep

The role of the Eco-Rep is to provide peer to peer education on how to live more sustainably in NAU residential communities. Eco-Reps serve as a resource and role model to promote environmentally conscious behavior within their residential community/area. 

Jessica Garcia 

“I became an Eco-Rep because I am passionate about environmental conservation, and I think that more people would be green if they only knew how, so I am here to help that process.”  (Jessica Garcia, former Calderón Learning Community Eco-Rep) 



Allen Hall
Jodi Calis Eco Rep - 2013

Jodi Calis

Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Major: Bio-Medical Sciences
Interesting fact: I love to be active in the form of Zumba, Yoga, and biking.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Two pumps are all you need! Use less paper towel

What is an Eco-Rep? As Allen Hall’s Eco-rep, I am your hall representative for sustainable living and environmental friendly practices.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I believe that we can all have a big impact on the environment as a whole by doing our part. I want to spread the word on how to live more environmentally conscious.

Kelsey Landstrom - ECO Rep 2013 

Kelsey Landstrom

Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Major: Psychology
Interesting fact: I can (and will) bedazzle anything. Literally. My mace is bedazzled.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip:
Buy local foods! Not only will it reduce the thousands of miles it would take for fruits and vegetables to travel to your dinner table, it will also help bring business to your community. 

What is an Eco-Rep? Being an Eco-Rep means being an ambassador for the Earth. Not only am I personally trying to help save the planet we live on, but also get others involved in meaningful, impactful, and fun ways. 

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I wanted to broaden my knowledge of how to help the environment we live in so I’m able to inform everyone else of how to help as well. I want to be a part of NAU becoming an even more efficient campus and with that, hopefully see the tips we give out spread passed the campus.

Calderón Learning Community

Kristina White Eco Rep - 2013

Kristina White

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Major: Psychology
Interesting fact: My siblings and I are left-handed.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Turn off the water while washing one’s hands.

What is an Eco-Rep? Someone to help reinforce positive ecologically friendly habits, and to help give people tools on how to be more ecologically friendly.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I thought it would be great to meet people, and help make my hall a community.

Campus Heights
Alex Neumann Eco Rep - 2013

Alex Neumann

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Environmental Sciences, Business minor
Interesting fact: I have lived in a combined 7 different houses/dorm halls over the past year.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Bring re-usable bags to the grocery store.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a peer educator that represents his/her respected living community who spreads the word about Sustainability within the dorm hall and shows passion and commitment to going green and helping the environment.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: To get involved on campus as well as learn more about the field of study I am currently majoring in.

Cowden Learning Community

DJ Johnson - 2013-2014 Eco Rep

DJ Johnson

Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Major: Psychology
Interesting fact: I aspire to be a college professor. I am also obsessed with Harry Potter and Dr. Who!
Favorite sustainable living tip: Never let the water run! Turn it off when not in use.

What is an Eco-Rep? A peer educator who is devoted to making sustainability accessible and valuable to their community.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to further educate myself on sustainability issues so that I can help promote sustainable living in my hall.

Gabaldon Hall

 Emma Collins Eco Rep - 2013

Emma Collins

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Political Science and Environmental Studies with a minor in Spanish
Interesting fact: I have done color guard for 7 years.
Favorite sustainable living tip: You can use a power strip to cut power to electronics without having to unplug them all the time.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a member of the community that shares their knowledge about sustainable living with others in the community.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I think living a sustainable life is enriching and wanted to share the tips I know with other residents of Gabaldon. 

Kelsey Ballard Eco Rep - 2013

Kelsey Ballard

Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Major: Bio-Medical Sciences, Psychology minor
Interesting fact: I am a vegetarian.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Buy reusable things!!!!

What is an Eco-Rep? Eco-Reps are here to help other students become aware of their impact on the environment and ways that they can live more sustainable lives! We are here to help anyone who needs it :)

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I think it is important to take care of the planet and promote sustainable living to everyone!

McConnell Hall

Kaila Swartz Eco Rep 2013

Kaila Swartz

Hometown: Sheffield Lake, OH
Major: Criminal Justice
Interesting fact: I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty, Superheroes, and video games!
Favorite sustainable living tip: Ditch the water bottles for a reusable bottle, and make use of the purified water on the first floor!

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is someone who is responsible for raising awareness on how to be sustainable and help NAU reach the Carbon Neutral Goal by 2020!

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I wanted to learn more and educate others about how to make a positive impact on our Earth!

McDonald Hall

Savannah Brewer Eco Rep - 2013 

Savannah Brewer

Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Major: Social Work
Interesting fact: I LOVE to crochet!
Favorite sustainable living tip: Eating and buying locally is a totally easy and far more interesting way to shop as well as stimulate the local economy and reduce your environmental impact at the same time!

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a peer educator who acts a community resource concerning sustainable living in residence halls on campus. You can always come to me with any questions, ideas, or concerns you might have with “green” living on campus!

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I am very passionate about reducing my own impact on the Earth and really enjoy educating others on how to do the same. I am also a big fan of grassroots movements such as Eco-Reps and really value my role in NAU’s movement towards carbon neutrality. I also love getting out into the community, spreading the word about sustainability and getting to know my peers! :D

Pine Ridge Village

Alana Weber Eco Rep - 2013

Alana Weber

Hometown: Denver, CO
Major: Spanish and Environmental Science
Interesting fact: I lived in Lima, Peru for a year.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Fold your paper towel in fourths, it absorbs more that way, and you use less paper towel!

What is an Eco-Rep? Eco-Reps are here to create a more sustainable living environment through educating residents in how to become more "eco-friendly."

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because living in a sustainable manner is vital if we want to continue to live on this planet, and I want to show people that we can create a "greener" living environment by making small changes in our everyday lives.

Emma Frey Eco Rep - 2013

Emma Frey

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Elementary & Special Education
Interesting fact: Brussel sprouts are probably my favorite vegetable.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Invest in a reusable water bottle. Bottled water isn't as good for you as you may think and you'll be be making an impact in reducing the 1.5 million tons of plastic waste produced by water bottles each year.

What is an Eco-Rep? Eco-Reps are representatives who are passionate about living sustainably and want to educate others about the topic. We will be promoting eco-friendly living throughout the year and would love to answer any questions you have about how to be a more environmentally friendly resident of Pine Ridge Village!

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I am interested in environmental issues and try my best to minimize my impact on the planet by living sustainably. Eco-Reps has allowed me to teach others about how to "go green" and why it is important, and I have learned a lot as well through being an Eco-Rep.

Reilly Hall

Kiki Hackett Eco Rep (2) - 2013

Kiki Hackett

Hometown: Glendale, AZ
Major: Chemistry with Biochem emphasis
Interesting fact: I’ve eaten fries in France and waffles in Belgium. The waffles were significantly better.
Favorite sustainable living tip: It’s the mother of all sustainable living tips: Recycle. Perhaps it isn’t innovative, but it certainly is simple and effective! I can recycle often and it always makes me a little happier.

What is an Eco-Rep? Eco-Reps are resources that communities can use in pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle; it’s as simple as that! Through posters, meetings, and fun activities alike, Eco-Reps exist to rep positive ecology and show you how you can be a friend to the environmental world around you.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: What appealed to me about the Eco-Rep position was the peer-to-peer approach it took. I became an Eco-Rep because I wanted to learn how to live a eco-friendly in a dorm setting and then share that knowledge with other people in my situation. Seeing eye-to-eye with the people you’re talking to makes things much more effective and beneficial.

Gwendolyn Ali 2013-2014 Eco Rep

Gwendolyn Ali

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Chemistry with Forensic and Criminalistics emphasis
Interesting fact: I’m in high-adventure, co-ed boy scouts called Venture Crew.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Natural light is amazing!!! On top of helping save energy, it also helps sleep schedules, depression, kills bad bacteria and many other health benefits. It’s super easy to use and they only time you can’t is at night. All you have to do is open the curtains, or your front door.

What is an Eco-Rep? Eco-reps are students living in the halls learning more about how to be eco friendly. They also encourage others to be more eco friendly by sharing what they learn.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-rep because I like to help save the planet. I don’t want the future to look like it does in WALL-E.

South Village

Heather Charles 2013-2014 Eco Rep

Heather Charles

Hometown: New River, AZ
Major: Hydrogeology/Physics
Interesting fact: I make my own yarn using a drop spindle.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Use reusable cloth bags when shopping. It takes very little effort to bring and use your own bags and they can be reused many times. I remember, working in a grocery store that we would go through several boxes full of bags in a single day.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-rep is someone who takes responsibility for educating the community on sustainability and setting a good example.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: The earth is full of finite resources and I want to make some effort to make sure that they will still be around for future generations. We have to get in the habit of thinking about the long-term.

Wilson Hall

Cassandra Leone Eco Rep - 2013 

Cassandra Leone

Hometown: Cave Creek, AZ
Major: Environmental Studies
Interesting fact: I unicycle and love the band Walk the Moon.
Favorite sustainable living tip: As long as you know what can be recycled, recycling is as simple a task as throwing away trash.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is someone who is willing to facilitate green changes around campus and promote healthy, sustainable living.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to help lead the campus into their goal of carbon neutrality and to raise and gain awareness of green living to those around me.

Ember Mundt Eco Rep - 2013

Ember Mundt

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Anthropology
Interesting fact: I enjoy doing cartwheels after dinner.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a person that informs and inspires other residents to adopt sustainable living habits.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to help myself and others make a difference in our community and in turn make an impact in the earth. 

Anna Almodovar - 2013 Eco Rep Wilson Hall 

Anna Almodovar

Hometown: Omaha, NE
Major: Anthropology
Interesting fact: I have a vein on my arm that is shaped like Africa.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Never let the water run! Turn it off when not in use.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep lets people know different ways to live a sustainable life.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to let people know different ways they can help the environment in fun ways!

If you don’t see your hall listed and want to become involved, please go here to learn more about the Eco-Rep position and how to apply.