Housing Reapplication

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Reapplication is the annual process for current on-campus residents to apply for housing for the following academic year. 

The university supports the transition to college by guaranteeing housing for all incoming freshmen, and prioritizing remaining space for rising sophomores. This ensures students are provided a supportive environment and access to resources known to improve student success in the early years of college. Ninety percent of current students living on campus are freshmen and sophomores. On-campus housing availability for 2016-17 will be very limited for juniors and unlikely for seniors and graduate students.

The reapplication process will occur in April and will align with the housing priorities noted above.

Step 1: Submit your application

  • The online application will be available through the housing portal from 8 a.m. April 1 through 5 p.m. April 5, 2016.
  • There is no application fee for Reapplication.
  • An application needs to be submitted in order to have a room selection time assigned. Room selection times will be randomly generated within each priority group listed below (not assigned in order of date of application) so there is no need to rush to apply immediately at 8 a.m. the first day the application opens.
  • Roommates must be invited and accepted prior to room selection. 
  • Students with past due rent as of April 1 will not be eligible to submit a housing application. 

Step 2: Select your room 

Room selection will occur in order of priority group. Individual room selection times will be generated randomly within each priority group.  

  • Priority 1 "Rising Sophomores" (1-2 semesters of enrollment) – April 11-15
  • Priority 2 "Rising Juniors" (3-4 semesters of enrollment) – April 18       (if space remains available)
  • Priority 3 "Rising Seniors" (5-6 semesters of enrollment) – April 19       (space unlikely)
  • Priority 4 "Continuing Seniors" (7+ semesters of enrollment) and Graduate Students – April 20  (space unlikely)
View priority definitions and examples.
For additional information regarding priority groups, roommate pull-ins, cancellation fees and FAQs, visit the Reapplication details page.

Additional Housing Options for Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students

Rising juniors, seniors and graduate students living on campus have priority status for university-partnered housing managed by American Campus Communities.  The application is open now, and the priority leasing period for rising juniors, seniors and graduate students begins November 16.  Additional details will be sent to your NAU e-mail and can be found here.

Additional off-campus resources can be found here.