• NASA asteroid ag
    NAU Astronomers Nix Asteroid for NASA MissionResearch News | 12/23/2013

    Early this year, NASA announced a bold robotic mission to capture an asteroid in a bag and return the rock to Earth orbit so it could be studied. The mission could serve...

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  • cuckoo yellow ag
    The Plight of the Yellow-Billed CuckooResearch News | 10/25/2013

    Make the trees tall, thick and dense, let the water run free -- and the cuckoos will come. That’s a big part of what the rare, potentially protected Western yellow-billed...

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  • E Coli in Chicken ag
    Chicken Surprise: Antibiotic-Resistant E. Coli in All Production Methods Research News | 10/3/2013

    Consumers shopping for raw chicken that does not contain antibiotic-resistant E. coli are in for a difficult search, according to a research team from four separate...

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  • festival of science ag
    NAU Will Have Strong Research Presence at the Flagstaff Festival of Science Sept 20-29Research News | 9/16/2013

    Seven NAU faculty members will be discussing research findings (much of it their own) at the Flagstaff Festival of Science, which will be held at various venues in the...

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  • clarinet and sax ag
    NAU Musical Duo Records CD of Woodwind Chamber MusicResearch News | 9/3/2013

    The unconventional musical duo Velocity, featuring Jonathan Bergeron, NAU Associate Professor of Saxophone, and John Masserini, NAU Associate Professor of Clarinet, has...

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  • conference ag
    NAU To Host Conference of Science & Management on the Colorado PlateauResearch News | 8/23/2013

    The12th Biennial Conference of Science and Management on the Colorado Plateau will be held at Northern Arizona University (NAU) September 16-19, 2013. This forum...

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  • SEGA 145
    NSF Grant Funds Climate Change Data AnalysisResearch News | 8/19/2013

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Northern Arizona University (NAU) $370,000 to support the development of applications and software to gather and analyze...

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  • bats genome ag
    NAU Post-Doc Has Sequenced the Genome of the Spotted BatResearch News | 8/12/2013

    Faith Walker, NAU postdoctoral research associate working with Professor Carol Chambers in the School of Forestry, has successfully sequenced the genome of the spotted bat....

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  • 3D printer ag
    NAU Pioneers 3D PrintingResearch News | 7/24/2013

    What we can imagine, we may soon be able to print, says David Van Ness, Northern Arizona University (NAU) lecturer, sculptor, and coordinator of foundations in the School...

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  • croplands ag
    First Global Survey of CroplandsResearch News | 7/3/2013

    Data harvested from the sky may give researchers a view into the future of food production. The five-year, $3.5 million project funded by NASA will make use of...

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