Participants Sought for Research on Exercise and Aging

exercise study 250

Men and women older than 50 are invited to participate in two studies being conducted by Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Tinna Traustadottir in her exercise physiology research laboratory.

In one study, participants who are older than 50, who do not exercise regularly, and who have not been diagnosed with chronic diseases will exercise three days per week as part of an eight-week exercise-intervention study. Researchers will supervise the training, which will take place at NAU’s Health and Learning Center. (Center membership is not required to participate.) There also will be two five-hour oxidative stress challenges that involve taking participants’ blood pressure. A blood pressure cuff will be inflated for three 10-minute periods during the first half hour of the visit, followed by periodic blood draws for the remaining four hours. Compensation of $200 is being offered to participants who complete this study.

A second ongoing study is investigating the effects of acute exercise on the resistance to oxidative stress in participants ages 50 and older. (Data has already been collected for a younger cohort.) Volunteers must be generally healthy and can be physically active but not highly fit. The study requires six visits to the lab: a screening visit; a physician-supervised exercise stress test; two visits during which the participant will complete a resistance test to oxidative stress. One of the resistance tests will require acute exercise performed on the day prior to the test; the other will be preceded by a blood draw on the previous day.

For information or to participate, email or or leave a voice mail at (928) 523-0439.