Submit an Invention Disclosure

Invention disclosures are normally submitted to NAU Innovations through an online system. We are, however, currently migrating our online invention disclosure management process to a new system. Until the new system is live and ready to accept online submissions, we will temporarily be accepting new invention disclosures by email using the downloadable form below. Please fill out the disclosure form and send to

By submitting an invention disclosure, you alert NAU Innovations that you have developed or discovered something that may have commercial value. Your submitted disclosure will undergo initial screening to determine:
(a) does NAU have an ownership interest in the discovery?
(b) does the discovery constitute reportable Intellectual Property? (reportable to ABOR and/or to the U.S. government, if the discovery was fully or partially funded through a federal grant or contract)

After this initial screening, you will be contacted by NAU Innovations staff to discuss the next steps.

If you have any questions about the invention disclosure submission process, please please contact Angela Yamauchi, Intellectual Property Manager at 928-523-2088 or by email at

Submit Invention Disclosure