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General information and tools

Categorizing your project as research, instruction, or other sponsored activities (pdf) NEW 3/19/2015

Frequently Requested Information (pdf) Updated 10/19/2015

Fringe Benefit Rate Calculator (xlsx) Updated 10/12/2015

PeopleSoft Account Codes and Rollups (pdf) 7/11/2014

NAU Colleges and Universities Rate Agreement (F&A Rate Agreement) (pdf) Updated 2/28/2013

Signature Authority (pdf) Updated 2/4/2015


Institutional Research Policies

Procedures and guidelines

Prop 202 12% Grant Procedures NAU - NAUF (pdf)

Lobbyist Guidelines (doc)

Policy of Gifts vs. Sponsored Projects

Gifts and Sponsored Projects - Working with OGCS and NAU

Worksheet for Deciding Gift vs. Sponsored Project

NAU implementation of federal regulations

Allowability of Supplemental Salary from Sponsored Projects (pdf)