IMPORTANT - CPCESU No Cost Time Extensions - New Policy

Dear CPCESU Partners, Sponsored Projects/Grants Folks, IMR Superintendents and CPCESU Project ATRs, 

The National Park Service Intermountain Regional Contracting and Financial Assistance Office just informed us that any no-cost extension requests that are submitted AFTER the project end date will not be approved. It is very important that you inform your principal investigators of this fact right away. Since I have at least 400 active agreements, it is more efficient if you inform researchers at your institution of this new policy being instituted by our regional office.  We will continue to review and approve no cost extensions that come in before the end date. The OMB circulars that implement CFR regulations, requires modifications to occur no later than 30 days before the project end, so it is quite possible that NCE's received less than 30 days before the project end date will not be accepted.

Please feel free to call or write if you have any questions.

Judy Bischoff, 928-523-6638

Government Shutdown Ends: Stay Tuned

Federal agencies are working to reestablish dates for grant and contract submissions, determine how to handle missed review meetings, and reschedule dates for training and other activities that were scheduled to occur during and immediately following the period of the government shutdown. Reports that were due during the period of the shutdown should be submitted now. We will post updated information from the agencies as they are published. Specific guidance from NSF and NIH is available at the following links. 

The NSF guidance includes revised deadline dates as well as answers to frequently asked questions. For example, if you submitted a proposal prior to a deadline which has now been extended, you CAN make revisions prior to the new deadline. 

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