Faculty Grants Program (FGP)

The NAU Faculty Grants Program (FGP) supports the research, creative endeavors, and other scholarly activity of Northern Arizona University faculty.

In particular, the FGP supports activity that originates from the faculty member's own professional goals and interests within their discipline, department or college mission, and priorities.


Full-time tenured and tenure-eligible faculty may apply for funding under the Faculty Grants Program.  (Note: Regents' Professors are ineligible for FGP support.)

The FGP serves as a catalyst for obtaining extramural support and seeks to support:
  • new faculty
  • faculty doing work in disciplines where extramural support is not regularly available
  • established faculty who are changing the scope or direction of their work
The FGP does not fund:
  • graduate student assistantships
  • student research projects, theses, or dissertations
  • faculty dissertation work

Requests to support activities that will take place during sabbatical leave, or that will take place the summer before or after a sabbatical leave, are discouraged.

Apply for the Faculty Grants Program

Important Changes to the Faculty Grants Program 

  • Page limit for CVs for PIs and Co-PIs has been increased to 3 pages.
  • FGP applications can request up to $15,000.
  • Application: FGP Applications are due annually by 5:00PM on November 13th.  If November 13th falls on a weekend or holiday, FGP applications will be accepted through 5:00PM on the first business day following November 13th.
  • Scholarly and Creative proposal and Research proposals now follow different formats specifically designed to help the applicant best make the case for each type of project.
  • Up to $7,500 (or the cost equivalent of 1.5 summer months' effort, whichever is less), may be included in the FGP budget for each faculty member. If an application includes summer salary for the PI and a Co-investigator, up to $15K can be requested for summer salary. However, the amount of summer salary support requested for any faculty member cannot exceed 1.5 months' effort and must reflect the actual amount of effort necessary to carry out the project. Applicants are strongly advised to provide detailed justifications for all summer salary requests.
  • All inquiries, questions or comments regarding the Faculty Grants Program should be directed to Christine Wheless, Coordinator, Research Development,  Office of the Vice President for Research, 928-523-8594, or via e-mail, at Christine.Wheless@nau.edu.