NAU IRB Timelines

Time required to review and approve an IRB application is dependent upon: 

  • Completeness of application and supporting documents
  • Regulatory review category and complexity 
  • IRB review queue length*
The timeline review estimates below are for each IRB review cycle. (Note: this is not the time required for approval.) Each cycle begins when the IRB receives the application and/or modifications.  The best ways to reduce the approval times for your project are to (1) submit a complete application package, and (2) fully and promptly respond to any IRB requests for revisions. 
  • "Exempt" review category applications:  5-10 business days per review cycle
  • "Expedited" review category applications: 10-15 business days per review cycle
  • "Full Board" review category applications: 15-20 business days for initial review cycle; may be somewhat less for subsequent cycles.  Full Board projects must be in approvable condition (all revision requests have been addressed) at least 10 business days before the next Full Board meeting date. 
  • Amendments and Continuing Review applications: 5-10 business days per review cycle, except for projects originally approved as Full Board. (See above for Full Board review times.)
  • Human Subjects Research determinations:  5-10 business days per review cycle. 
For the following special types of research, plan on additional review time:
  • International research, multi-center research, and research involving clinical interventions:  Add 5-20 business days to the initial review cycle. 
  • Research conducted on Indian Reservations:  Approval from the proper tribal authorities must generally be sought after the NAU IRB has approved the project.  Allow approximately three additional months for this process.  
* Important Note:  The number of applications in the IRB review queue at any given time can impact review times.  When the volume of submissions is unusually high (generally weeks 4-10 of the semester), review times may be longer.  When volume decreases, review times may be reduced.