Human Research Forms

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Informed consent

Use the templates below to construct Informed Consent Forms for your participants to sign. Be sure to include these forms with your initial application. For internet research, make sure your informed consent includes all of the elements in the Informed Consent Document for Adults.  See the informed consent process for more information

Spanish versions:

If you are doing internet research or you are choosing not to use the Northern Arizona University informed consent template, please see the Informed Consent Essential Information.

Amendments and continuing review

Submit the Research Amendment Form to report changes or additions to an IRB-approved project. Click here for instructions on how to submit an amendment through IRBNet.

Submit the Application for Continuing Review 30 days prior to the expiration of your approval if your research was approved under “expedited” or “full board review.”

Adverse events

Download and fill out the Adverse Reaction or Event Reporting Form to inform the IRB of any adverse events within 24 hours of the occurrence.