Institutional Review Board (IRB) meeting calendar

2013-2014 Meeting Dates

Find IRB meeting dates and deadlines for submission for the 2014-15 academic year. All meetings take place at 10:00 A.M. unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held in Emerald City Anthropology Department, Room 110 (Building 98).


SemesterMeeting DateDeadline for Full-Board Submission
Summer 2014June 2, 2014May 2, 2014
Fall 2014September 15, 2014August 15, 2014
 October 6, 2014September 8, 2014
 November 3, 2014October 3, 2014
 December 1, 2014November 3, 2014
Spring 2015January 12, 2015December 12, 2014
 February 2, 2015January 2, 2015
 March 2, 2015February 2, 2015
 April 6, 2015March 6, 2015
 May 4, 2015April 6, 2015
Summer 2015June 1, 2015May 1, 2015

Researchers should consult this calendar if proposing projects that involve:

  • greater than minimal risk
  • invasive procedures
  • at-risk populations
  • potential physical, psychological, or legal harm to participants or researchers

If you are not sure if your project will be reviewed by the full board, you can consult the IRB office at 928-523-9551. Keep in mind that the final decision about the review status of your application will not be made until your application is submitted to the IRB office.

Types of IRB review

  • Exempt from continuing review: Studies that have been approved under the exempt category do not have approval expirations as expedited or full board reviews do. They do not need to be reviewed after one year unless there have been changes in the research that could change the review type from exempt to expedited or full board, such as an additional type of data collection or an expansion of participants to include special or vulnerable groups.
  • Expedited review: These reviews are approved by the IRB Director and must be renewed on an annual basis, or on a more frequent basis if the nature of the study is particularly sensitive.
  • Continuing review of an ongoing expedited or full board review: The Application for Continuing Review is available on the main IRB website. Continuation requests should be submitted 11 months after the last approval date. Approved applications are usually approved within five days of submitting the application unless changes in the research warrant full board review.
  • Full board review: Applications that are found to necessitate review by the convened IRB must be submitted at least two weeks before the date of the meeting. Comments made by the IRB will be returned to the applicant within three days of the meeting. Revisions should be submitted back to the IRB Director within 30 days of receiving feedback from the board.