How to File Amendments and Continuing Review

If your IRB application was submitted and approved through IRBNet, please follow the instructions below to submit a Research Amendment or a Continuing Review Application to extend your IRB approval for another year. 

Continuing Review Application.  Note that a Continuing Review Application is simply a reporting of project status for use by the IRB in determining whether your project may be extended for an additional period, usually one year.  It does not amend or modify your research project, even though such changes to status are reported in the Application. If you are making changes to your project, you must also submit an Amendment along with any supporting documents.

Research Amendment.  If you wish to make changes to your research project (such as adding or removing research personnel, modifying data collection methods, etc.), then you must submit a completed Amendment form.  If you are adding researchers to your project, please also include a completed Additional Personnel Addendum with the submission. 

Note that if your IRB application was submitted and approved through the old system (NAIRBe), all documents must be submitted by email to the IRB office, rather than through the IRBNet system.

Submitting Amendments and/or Continuing Review Applications in IRBNet. To submit a Research Amendment or Continuing Review Application to an existing, IRB-approved research project in IRBNet, you will need to add a new package to your existing project by following these steps:

1.Log in at

2.Click on Forms and Templates in the blue panel at left.

3.Select and complete the appropriate form(s) from the list (see above) and save it on your computer.  (If you are amending your project to add researchers, be sure to also download and complete the Additional Personnel Addendum Form to submit along with the Amendment Form.) 

4.Click on your project title in blue.

5.Click on Project History in the blue panel at left.

6.Click on Create New Package.

7.Click on New Document Package in blue.

8.Click on Add New Document and attach your form. Under Document Type, select Amendment/Modification or Continuing Review/Progress Report, as appropriate, and browse for your filled-out form.

9.To submit additional documents (such as an Additional Personnel Addendum a revised consent form or other document), click on Add New Document again and attach it.  Repeat until all supporting documents have been added.

10.When all documents have been attached, select Submit this Package.

11.Select NAU IRB.

12.Select Amendment/Modification or Continuing Review/Progress Report as the Submission Type and add any comments you have.

13.When you click Submit this Package, the IRB Office will be notified that your submission is ready for review. You can then log out or close your web browser.