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  • cluster new ag
    High-Performance Computing Cluster ‘Monsoon’ to Boost NAU’s Research Capacity Featured Story | 3/31/2014

    The Office of the Vice President for Research has announced the availability of a new high-performance computing cluster to the NAU research community. Named Monsoon, the...

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  • SciVal ag
    SciVal Experts: Finding Research Expertise Across Arizona’s Higher Education ExpertiseResearch News | 3/21/2014

    The Arizona research community now has access to SciVal Experts, an online research database that is expected to facilitate collaboration across the three public Arizona...

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  • carpino portrait ag
    Journeying Back in Time with Professor Alexandra CarpinoResearch Profiles | 10/2/2013

    Alexandra Carpino, PhDProfessor of Art History Chair, Department of Comparative Cultural StudiesCollege of Arts and Letters “For me it’s like coming home,” says Alexandra...

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  • carpino ag (2)
    Dr. Carpino Deciphers Stories on Etruscan Bronze MirrorsFeatured Story | 9/6/2013

    Dr. Alexandra Carpino, NAU Professor of Art History, Chair of the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies, and a leading Etruscan scholar, has been fascinated with...

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  • interior design ag
    Interior Design Solutions for the Elderly; Clients with ADHDFeatured Story | 7/31/2013

    Jessica Walsh, a 2013 NAU graduate with a degree in interior design and a minor in merchandising, presented her final capstone project entitled “Creative Healing at Any...

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  • 3D printer ag
    NAU Pioneers 3D PrintingResearch News | 7/24/2013

    What we can imagine, we may soon be able to print, says David Van Ness, Northern Arizona University (NAU) lecturer, sculptor, and coordinator of foundations in the School...

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  • True colors 145
    True ColorsWorth 1000 Words | 7/18/2013

    Montezuma Castle at SunsetGetting a photograph of a landscape to look as close as possible to what the human eye perceives is a technical challenge. Due to the limitations...

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  • baglady 145
    Baglady TrousseauWorth 1000 Words | 5/7/2013

    UNDERGRADUATE SYMPOSIUM 2013 When it came time for her senior capstone project, theater major and costume designer Kimberly Speer decided to design a dress out of recycled...

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  • Denetdale ag
    Jennifer Denetdale: Rewriting Navajo HistoryResearch Profiles | 4/3/2013

    Jennifer Denetdale: PhD1991 MA in English; 1999 PhD in History Jennifer Denetdale is passionate about giving a voice to her people. When she began her PhD dissertation...

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  • Navajo rug ag
    Undergraduate research at NAUResearch Video | 4/3/2013

    Undergraduate research at NAU: World's largest Navajo rug...

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