Dried Penstemon pseduospectabilis

This dried Penstemon pseudospectabilis is part of NAU’S Colorado Plateau Biodiversity Center (CPBC). The CPBC is dedicated to the documentation and conservation of all species native to the Colorado Plateau through research and education.  It is composed of decentralized collections of whole specimens, genetic material, and digital archives in trust for the scientific research community, the general public, and for future generations.  One collection is the Deaver Herbarium botanical,which houses nearly 100,000 specimens of dried plants from the Colorado Plateau and nearby deserts. Inside the Herbarium’s cabinets are dried plants and flowers, which are carefully labeled with salient information, such as the date the specimen was gathered and the name of the person who gathered it, allowing future scientists to have as much information as possible about the specimens they study.  The specimen pictured here was collected in the Coconino National Forest along the banks of West Clear Creek at Bull Pen Campground, nine miles north of Camp Verde, Arizona. Photo: IDEA Lab

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