Expanding the Boundaries of Knowledge

Northern Arizona University is committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge through research. Widely recognized as the major research university producing basic and applied knowledge that addresses the challenges of the interior western United States, the NAU research enterprise also boasts strengths in bioengineering and biosciences, genetics and genomics, ecology and environmental research, forestry, sustainability, climate science, astronomy, and Native American health and wellness.

Research News

Baby Boomers' Receptiveness to Consumer Health Technologies 5/28/15
To what degree are baby boomers ready for, or are currently embracing, specific consumer health technologies?  According to a recent survey, published in the Journal of Medical Internet... read more

Smoke Can Help Some Plant Seeds Germinate 5/21/15
Smoke is a complicated substance. Most people who live in or near western forests have a good feel for how it affects people. But what's less well known is that it affects plants,... read more

NAU Professor Develops Insecticide to Fight Bark Beetles 5/21/15
Bark beetles have been spreading throughout the West from Mexico to Canada. Dr. Rich Hofstetter, Associate Professor in the NAU School of Forestry, discusses his insecticide made from fungus to... read more

Restoring Forest Health 5/21/15
Wally Covington, Regents’ Professor and Executive Director of NAU’s Ecological Restoration Institute, discusses the multiple benefits of restoring forest health, including increasing water... read more

A Chain Reaction of Violence 5/18/15
According to a qualitative research study in the May 2015 journal Violence against Women, U.S. national and local policies created to stem the influx of undocumented migrants from Mexico and... read more

NAU Students Follow Up Holocaust Exhibit with Website 5/18/15
"We wanted people to see a face rather than a number when thinking of the victims of the Holocaust. I became emotionally invested in the narratives we read,” Gabriella Perez-Mendoza, NAU student... read more