Student Resources

Student Resources 470Our goal is to provide our students with all of the tools they need to manage their classes, check their grades, and monitor their progress to graduation.

Add or drop a class

Add or drop classes by logging into LOUIE and clicking the “Add a Class” or “Drop a Class” link under “Enrollment.” If attempting to add or drop a class after the deadline, visit forms to fill out a petition or class override form.

Withdraw from all classes

Find out how to withdraw from all your classes before and after the drop deadlines. 

Apply for Arizona residency

Read about the requirements for Arizona state residency and how to apply.

Apply for readmission

 Learn how to apply for readmission to Northern Arizona University.

Graduation procedures

Find out more about our graduation process for undergraduates and graduates.


Log on to LOUIE to view your grades, or find out how to resolve issues with semester grades.

Advisement Reports

Read about our Academic Advisement Reports, which help track your progress towards graduation.